Benefits of Product Stewardship Software

  • Improve productivity with cross-functional collaboration, including compliance, sourcing/procurement, engineering, quality, EHS and sales 
  • Easily maintain and monitor global product regulatory compliance and chemical requirements for products, parts, and materials 
  • Manage voluntary programs, such as Conflict Minerals (U.S. SEC)Anti-Human Trafficking, & Supplier Code of Conduct 
  • Reduce supplier risks and address supply chain due diligence/responsible sourcing with automated data collection for critical supplier and manufacturer information 
  • Easily manage change across organizations, products, suppliers, and regulations  
  • Support business continuity by integrating with external systems, and a mobile application with real-time reporting feedback 


Using Product Stewardship Software to Streamline Product Compliance & Supply Chain Continuity

Product compliance programs are driven by many different factors, including new and evolving regulatory requirements and customer demands for information. Whether you’re on the requesting end or receiving end, addressing supply chain continuity must become a concerted effort for organizations. One of the biggest challenges for organizations is the ability to manage change – whether it be new product introduction, new suppliers, updated regulations, a need for more sustainable products, or the introduction of new markets.

Product Stewardship Software will help unify cross-functional teams, streamline supply chain engagement, and easily manage regulatory and customer requirements under a centralized platform. Such requirements vary globally, so it’s critical to enable a system with the capability to track and manage compliance, such as EU REACH and SCIP Reporting, RoHS, California’s Prop 65, and more. With an automated platform, team members can easily communicate material and chemical compliance to product engineers as part of the design process. Integrated supplier engagement tasks provide procurement and sourcing teams with the ability to segment their suppliers to easily request required, pertinent information. Streamlining product compliance and responsible sourcing initiatives from the start will make your products more successful, more resilient to change, and provide direct cost-savings to your organization’s bottom line.

Configure and Deploy Product Stewardship Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as
4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Streamlining Supplier Due Diligence Case Study

Learn how this company improved compliance and productivity with Gensuite’s Product Steward platform.



Product Stewardship Program Brief

Streamline your product compliance program with a platform built just for you.


White Paper: Product Compliance & Supply Chain Continuity

Respond to regulatory change quickly while ensuring supply chain continuity and product compliance.



Features of Gensuite Product Stewardship Solution

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with California Prop 65, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, SCIP, Human Rights and other priority/applicable product regulations and standards 
  • Screen shipments of products and service-related field kits against country-specific requirements and ensure supply chain continuity 
  • Access supplier information and documents via Gensuite’s web-based Supplier Portal, including industry standard and customizable survey templates and questionnaires, supporting multiple languages 
  • Monitor and track new and updated global regulations by country/jurisdiction with autoflagging of key supplier/product issues 
  • Track detailed product information from the Bill of Material (BoM) level to the Chemical (CAS) level, including component materials and detailed chemical information (e.g. physical/chemical attributes)
  • Integrate with business systems (e.g., ERP, PLM) for automated data sharing (e.g. new suppliers’ parts, compliance status) 

Integrated Suite of Product Stewardship Tools


Compliance Calendar

Schedule periodic/recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility with email notifications and intelligent escalations, and track and report status

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Product Steward™

Manage product compliance in a flexible platform scaling across global regulations – EU REACH & SCIP, ROHS, Conflict Minerals and more, streamlining supplier surveys with web supplier portal

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Change Management Software Helps Initiate Approval for Change Requests

MOC Manager

Customize change process to suit operations and compliance needs, streamline reviews with screening and assessment templates, and track actions with reporting tools

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Simplify Regulatory Compliance with Regulatory Tracking EHS Management Software and EHS Software

Reg Tracker

Monitor new and revised global product regulations in unified repository, with automated subscription-based email alerts and reporting by jurisdiction and regulatory group/focus

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