Gensuite Occupational Health Management System for Improved Worker Health

Managing employee health in a facility requires the utmost collaboration amongst teams –with Medical, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Security, and Risk Management functional teams operating in concert – and efficiency is key to organizational success. Gensuite’s Occupational Health Management System integrates with Health and Safety modules to help organizations track and manage employee care programs and mitigate workplace illness & injuries. With comprehensive and integrated assessments and monitoring of workplace exposures (hazardous substances, infectious disease, air quality, etc.) and employee care, organizations can improve follow-up and visibility to concerns and trends.

Benefits of Occupational Health Management Systems

  • Integrate and standardize medical, case management, and injury & illness data entry for improved data accuracy
  • Mitigate absences and illness and worker’s compensation claims with root cause analysis and corrective actions
  • Manage employee clinic visits with scheduling and automatic email reminders
  • Improve employee health with comprehensive assessments and follow-up
  • Increase visibility to worker care with robust reporting and actionable insights
  • Streamline assessments and monitoring for industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and more
  • Increase productivity with centralized record keeping built for occ health teams
  • Manage employee training, acknowledgement, and medical surveillance requirements

Using Occupational Health Management Systems to
Improve Workplace Health & Safety

Collaboration amongst Occupational Health & Safety and Medical teams is critical to protect employees, comply with OHS regulations, and produce valuable results from health and safety programs. A common frustration for Medical and OHS professionals is working in silos, causing extra time spent duplicating and sharing information. Managing employee health through a medical clinic at manufacturing facilities presents a unique set of operational needs, challenges, and compliance requirements for collaboration of occupational health teams.

When organizations transition to one centralized system to align processes, functions, and performance to organizational goals, they can improve employee health, increase compliance and significantly reduce the time spent sharing documents and information. With improved visibility to metrics and data mining, management can increase accountability and implement higher standards for Occupational Health & Safety and Medical teams, and ultimately – the entire organization.

Occupational Health

Configure and Deploy Occupational Health Management Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Med Care Product Brief

Integrated occupational health and on-site medical clinic tracking.


Industrial Hygiene Product Brief

Minimize hazardous exposures with control information, follow-up & monitoring.


Case Study: Boosting Performance with Occ Health

Learn how to increase operational efficiencies and mitigate health & safety concerns.


Features of Gensuite Occupational Health System

  • Integrate with Occupational Health & Safety, Medical, andworker’s compensation teams for case tracking and program visibility
  • Perform root case analysis of injury and illness incidents to mitigate future occurrences
  • Extensions for pandemic risk management modules
  • Conduct mobile assessments for industrial hygiene factors, such as hazardous substances, indoor air quality, noise, infectious disease and more
  • Confidential tracking and discrete user access controls for HIPPA & GDPR compliance
  • Manage PPE inventory and restocking requests by individual sites
  • Conduct ergonomics assessments for office and industrial health settings
  • Robust reporting, charting & insights to reduce injury severity and case rates, including OSHA Injury & Illness reports, UK RIDDOR, etc.
  • Employee Training & Learning and Development
  • Enable cross-functional engagement (Legal, Human Resources, Operations etc.) in support of Occupational Health & Safety and Medical

Integrated Suite of Occupational Health Management Tools

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Med Care

Simplify medical clinic recordkeeping, collaboration, treatment, and follow-up on worker care for on-site medical clinics and OHS teams

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Track and analyze Industrial Hygiene (IH) exposure assessments and monitoring summaries, and leverage automated occupational/personal exposure limit using Gensuite Health and Safety Management System Software

Industrial Hygiene

Track and analyze Industrial Hygiene (IH) exposure assessments and monitoring summaries, and leverage automated occupational/personal exposure limit

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Standardize ergonomic assessments and projects with office and industrial settings using corrective action tracking using Health and Safety Management System Software

Ergo Facilitator

Standardize ergonomic assessments and projects with office and industrial settings using corrective action tracking

PPE Icon

PPE Manager

Track and manage critical personal protective equipment and manage requests and restocking needs at individual sites or enterprise-wide

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Incident Management Software Helps Measure and Record Incidents

Incidents & Measurements

Record all incidents of relevance by type and with customizable details, enable follow-up and root cause analysis, and report & analyze metrics (KPIs) and performance trends

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Manage all employee trainings for occupational health-related regulatory requirements and communication

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