• Establish digital management system to conform with standards (VPP, ISO) and define program expectations for all facilities across the enterprise

  • Measure all facilities on a common platform to gauge operational performance and improvement against set standards via a customizable scoring model

  • Engage stakeholders to operate the management system by assigning ownership and rhythm for program reviews and metrics

  • Drive collaboration by recognizing and sharing best practices to support program expectations

  • Manage program documentation centrally by including revision tracking, access control and the ability to showcase key documents

  • Mobile software capability – Seamless integration from mobile to desktop. Tablet and smartphone-enabled solutions with Gensuite Mobile apps for Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows

Gensuite Management Systems Software Mobile Capability
EHS Software Business Case Study


Large Multi-national Corporation with diverse portfolio of product lines and services


With varying EHS risks, operational profiles, and products, an integrated platform for defining core program expectations where users can measure their individual operational performance against the company or industry standard, then report outcomes in an easy-to-use interface to measure program adoption and success


  • Implementation of Framework Scorecard, allowing sites to audit their site programs against company standards

  • Deployment of Ops Metrics to compile ongoing operational performance metrics for reporting and goal-setting for ongoing improvement

  • Customized reporting and dashboards to compare performance on varying levels and subject areas


EHS Quality System Software Framework

Establish standardized program expectations through a set of key elements and supporting sub-elements and measure entity-specific conformance with those expectations via a basic/advanced scoring model

Management Systems OPS Metrics

OPS Metrics

Integrate key process and work activity expectations by establishing and tracking custom metrics and goals at various entity levels and assigning responsibility to entity leaders

Management Systems Software Best Practices

Best Practice

Share business-reviewed best practices, search approved submissions by keyword or topic and subscription to email updates on newly approved best practices

Document Manager Software

Provide a scalable platform for document hosting with powerful search features, revision history tracking, flexible access controls, streamlined batch uploads and review notifications


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