• Application specific data mining, reporting and charting tools; out-of-the-box software solution

  • Integrated dashboards across applications personalized by user and by organization scope; custom layout options; automated email subscriptions to target distribution/frequency

  • Trending snapshots for business process “instant insights”

  • Dashboards, Cockpits, & Custom Reports – custom-developed EHS reporting solutions based on subscriber-specific metrics and displays

  • Data warehouse (DHW) options – customized data feeds for consolidation into external DWH platforms; Gensuite-hosted DWH solutions

  • Data Visualization – Flexible EHS reporting and visualization; powerful authoring and user-driven custom filtering options

Datamining Software Desktop and Mobile Capabilities
EHS Software Business Case Study


A holding company with a diversified portfolio of over 35 businesses involved in manufacturing, construction and industrial services.


To showcase key Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) KPI metrics and correlated Worker’s Compensation data in a customized dashboard for EHS and Operations leadership review.


  • The Gensuite Incident & Measurements application is used to track Injury & Illness cases, Hours Worked, and other KPI metrics. A separate system is use to manage cases with associated worker’s compensation through a Third Party Administrator (TPA)

  • Systems integration with customized dash- board which outputs correlated data sets into a consolidated leadership dashboard

  • Senior leadership visibility and ability to drive reductions in injury & illnesses, leading to significant cost reduction


Data Science and Analytics Dashboard

My Dashboard

View key performance indicators in real-time and establish a set schedule to automatically receive updates via email

Data Science and Analytics Dashboard

Application Manager

Review open actions by responsible person or for a selected business scope

Analytics and Trend Analyzers


Drive proactive improvements by conducting multi-dimensional Pareto and trend analysis across Gensuite Safety and Waste applications

Analytics and Trend Analyzers

Analyze key metric trends provided to you automatically on each Gensuite application homepage

Data Science and Analytics Custom Reporter

Custom Reporter

Create customized reports based on business logic, including calculated metrics, color coding and performance/goal comparisons

Digital Analytics Cockpit & Mapper

Digital Cockpit & Mapper

Communicate business and site performance via business-specific outputs; use Mapper for data visualization beyond traditional reporting models, including geographic site mapping, metrics and more


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