Gensuite Incident Management Software supports learning teams and causal analysis of incidents and near misses, and documents implementation of immediate corrective actions as well as preventive actions. Report and track incidents through resolution with integrated investigation, corrective and preventive action tracking tools. Trend incidents to identify key causal factors and proactively communicate actions to prevent recurrence either locally or across the organization.

Incident Management Software on Mobile and Desktop
  • Flexible EHS incident reporting software tools: engage employees, first aid responders, medical, supervisors and EHS staff

  • Incident investigation, root cause analysis, corrective & preventive action tracking; restricted & return-to-work programs

  • Share incident monitoring and learning enterprise-wide; recommend and track follow-up actions with accident management software

  • Track Injury/Illness rates based on country/region standards with integrated verification; tie-in with HR systems for employee hours worked

  • Integrate with occupational health, medical & Workers Comp systems for case tracking and program visibility

  • Robust reporting, charting and insights: OSHA reporting and log software, build integrated regulatory reports, e.g., UK RIDDOR, etc.


Incident Management Software Helps Measure and Record Incidents

Incidents & Measurements

Record all incidents of relevance by type and with customizable details, enable follow-up and root cause analysis and report & analyze metrics (KPIs) and performance trends

Incident Management Software Helps Record Initial Injury Reports and Follow Ups

Initial Injury Reports

Enable personnel (such as shift leads and clinic staff) to record injury reports for site leadership notification and follow up with supervisors and safety leads

Incident Management Software Allows Employees to Report Safety Concerns and Near Misses

Concern Reporting

Allow employees to report safety/ environmental concerns and near misses; authorized leads to assign responsibility with automatic escalation and email notifications

Incident Management Software Helps Manage Corrective Action Plans

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending and data mining

Security Management Incident Reporting Software


Record incident details by type, track follow-up with automatic email notifications and report incidents and trends

Security Management System Software Concern Reporting Application


Log and track security concerns with automatic email notifications to designated security leaders with escalation options for security incident



Enable your site/enterprise to securely track clinic visits, medical surveillance, incident reporting, follow-up and return to work together, with opportunities to integrate with workers’ compensation and claims tracking solutions

Gensuite Meets You Where You Are on Your H&OP Journey to Meet Your Full Potential!

Human and Organizational Performance (H&OP) is an approach to safety management that focuses on the human element of workplace health and safety—that organizations must account for human error. In order to reduce risk associated with human error, organizations must understand how the workplace impacts the worker, and how this knowledge can be used to reduce error and worker incidents overall. H&OP relies on workers fully engaging with their health and safety programs to identify safety needs, and in doing so requires a system that drives H&OP culture across the entire organization.

Driving Human and Organizational Performance Principles with Gensuite’s Digital Solution

With over 8 years of experience supporting H&OP within diverse organizations around the globe, Gensuite offers a flexible, cross-functional solution to address your health & safety program needs and drive H&OP across your organization. From day 1 to full implementation, Gensuite’s integrated H&OP solution can be configured to fit to your program needs through our comprehensive Incidents & Measurements, Safety Risk Assessment and Safety Observations application modules, all available on a single digital platform. With Gensuite, you can identify failure modes using H&OP-based best practice thinking within your incident management program, run root cause analyses, evaluate workplace conditional risks, develop a strength of defenses matrix in risk assessments, enable your workers to observe, document and resolve hidden hazards, local factors, violations and more.

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Incident Management

Streamlining EHS

Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software


  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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