There are several moving parts involved in equipment management & maintenance. How can you streamline your maintenance management system processes?

The best way to keep track of your equipment is with computerized maintenance management software, also known as CMMS. When shopping for CMMS, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Work Order & Inventory Management
A good equipment maintenance management system should have an intuitive way to coordinate and drive participation across your entire team.

Document Management
With so much documentation involved with equipment management, including permits, manufacturer operating documents, maintenance documents, standard operating procedures and more, having a digital document control system eliminates paper and streamlines the process.

Mobile Access
Today, it seems everything can be done from a Mobile device, including equipment maintenance management! Bringing Mobile capabilities to your equipment maintenance management system can enable your team to do more on the shop-floor and beyond.

You will want to have a maintenance management system that has integrated scheduling tools to easily manage equipment maintenance throughout a facility. A solid scheduling system can eliminate over-scheduling and wasted time.

Managing the Entire Equipment Lifecycle
Make sure your CMMS can manage your assets from the moment it enters a facility to the moment it retires! Keep in mind scheduling and executing preventative maintenance inspections, assigning and tracking work order requests and equipment history.

To find a system that checks off every item on your must-have list for CMMS, look no further than Gensuite! Our comprehensive system enables users to manage all operating assets with easy equipment tracking, digitized preventative maintenance, and integrated regulatory compliance. Learn more about how Gensuite can work for you and your team.

Equipment Maintenance Software for Mobile and Desktop


With Gensuite, you can improve maintenance team productivity, visibility, equipment housekeeping, achieve critical safety and permit compliance and manage your entire equipment lifecycle with proven maintenance management system software.

Gensuite Equipment Maintenance Management software enables users to manage EHS-critical assets and equipment. Schedule and execute preventive maintenance inspections, assign and track work orders for permit and regulatory compliance assurance, and track asset history including malfunction analyses and end-of-life determinations using a single digital CMMS system!

Create an inventory of all facility assets, including EHS-critical equipment cranes, lifting tools and pressure vessels:

  • Create an inventory of all facility assets, including EHS-critical equipment cranes, lifting tools and pressure vessels

  • Create and maintain an inventory of critical spare parts

  • Record and manage equipment-specific details such as location, part numbers, manufacturer operating and maintenance documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), instrumentation diagrams, etc.

  • Manage the entire equipment life-cycle: schedule and execute preventive maintenance inspections, assign and track work order requests, and track outages and asset history

  • Leverage Mobile functionality to assign and print equipment-specific QR barcodes for easy access to equipment information, and to complete inspections/work orders

  • Manage associated risk assessments, lockout-tagout (LOTO), and permit compliance obligations through integrated application offerings


Change Management Software Manages List of Equipment and Track Details Using Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment Tracker

Manage list of equipment and track specific details including location, part numbers and SOPs

Equipment Maintenance Software Helps Schedule, Assign and Track Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance Manager

Schedule, assign and track equipment maintenance and manage work orders with integrated access to equipment docs and online maintenance checklists

Equipment Maintenance Software Helps Conduct Mobile Equipment Inspections

Inspection Tool

Conduct Mobile equipment inspections for operational, safety and compliance needs; author customized checklists, assign auditors and set schedules, and export findings to Gensuite Action Tracking System.

Change Management Software Helps Standardize a Process for Equipment Specific LOTO Using Equipment Maintenance Software


Standardize a process for equipment-specific LOTO authoring & review, track LOTO authorized personnel, and in-progress LOTOs with integrated Mobile access.


Equipment Maintenance

Implementing Read-Made EHS Software Solution

Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software


  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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