Why Gensuite for Environmental Management and Compliance Assurance?

Gensuite Environmental Compliance Software streamlines the management of key environmental requirements with a focus on air, water and waste regulatory compliance. Consolidate permit conditions, assign compliance tasks, record ongoing monitoring requirements, perform trend analyses, and automate report generation.

Benefits of Environmental Management Systems

  • Streamline processes and expedite improvements for managing air, water and waste programs
  • Track and report on permit thresholds, waste inventories, and GHG emissions
  • Increase regulatory compliance and reduce risk from hazardous waste, wastewater, air emissions and refrigerants
  • Minimize environmental impact to meet organizational goals and stakeholder expectations
  • Reduce cost by driving down energy usage and reducing waste
  • Establish KPIs, improve success rates for procedural changes, and proactively manage environmental programs
  • Easily generate reports to meet local, state and federal environmental reporting formats
  • Maintain ISO 14001 requirements for certification success

Using Environmental Management Systems to Improve Environmental Compliance

Managing environmental compliance is a critical role in any organization to not only save time and money but to also prevent adverse impacts on the environment. The longer environmental compliance issues are ignored and mismanaged, the more complex the problems become. Some of the biggest challenges for environmental management teams are 1) miscommunication between departments with respect to environmental and permit requirements, 2) not following all aspects of a specific requirement, and 3) being unaware of changes to specific environmental regulations. Additionally, neglecting equipment-related issues can produce an entirely new set of problems.

In order to improve environmental management compliance and program performance, organizations must streamline their processes to become more efficient. Comprehensive workflows of environmental management software will help centralize all permit and regulatory requirements and simplify the execution of tasks. Automated follow-up capabilities will ensure corrective actions of regulatory issues and equipment are escalated and addressed in a timely manner. Apps for monitoring regulations help organizations stay up-to-date on changing demands for environmental compliance with real-time updates. One of the most beneficial aspects of an environmental management system is the increased visibility to data and the ability to analyze trends so that you can spend time where it matters most – implementing program improvements.

Configure and Deploy Environmental Management Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Environmental Compliance Program Brief

Key solutions to simplify environmental management processes.


White Paper: Navigating ISO 14001 Requirements

Learn about the benefits and steps to ISO compliance.


Enhesa Managing Risks from Noncompliance

Deregulation has various impacts to business. Learn best practices to address regulatory change.


Features of Gensuite Environmental Management System

  • Inventory permit critical & applicable environmental regulations; establish responsibility, escalation, tracking & recordkeeping, alert notifications and custom escalations
  • Manage monitoring parameters, frequencies & permit limits for air, water & waste; analyze & maintain log of results; and validate compliance with internal & regulatory limits
  • Manage profiles by waste category, such as hazardous waste management; record permitted waste generation quantity & track on-going waste generated; manage waste containers; and generate manifests and track to vendor transport/disposal
  • Generate & use QR/Barcode labeling for fast access using Mobile devices
  • Receive environmental regulatory updates about new & upcoming legislations, assess applicability to operations/business and prepare for compliance timeline
  • Data mining, analytics & periodic regulatory reporting capabilities ensuring transparency & visibility to operational performance and compliance across multiple sites/enterprises

Integrated Suite of Environmental Management & Compliance Tools


Compliance Calendar

Schedule periodic/recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility with email notifications and intelligent escalations, and track and report status

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Simplify Regulatory Compliance with Regulatory Tracking EHS Management Software and EHS Software

Reg Tracker

Monitor and track new and updated regulations by country/jurisdiction with customizable, subscription-based user notification emails and dashboards

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Audit Management Software Helps to Digitize Key Permit Details and Regulations

Permit Manager

Digitize key permit details, follow up on actionable permit conditions and monitoring requirements and centralize all permit/regulatory documentation

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Air Log

Monitor air permit compliance emission requirements against real-time data from emissions sources, limit calculations and recordkeeping exceptions

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Gensuite Waste EHS Management Software Application Helps to Track Waste and Hazardous Waste For Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Using EHS Compliance

Waste Tracker

Flexible solution to manage waste from generation/accumulation to disposal with integrated bar code options enabling seamless management of waste activities on-site

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Gensuite Water EHS Management Software Helps Track and Reduce Water Wastage for Environment Health and Safety EHS Compliance Using EHS Software

Water Watch

Showcase water monitoring performance by outfall via scheduled sampling, tasks and lab result uploads compared against operational and permit limits with real-time alerting and reporting

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ODS Sentinel EHS Software Application Helps in Refrigerant Usage Tracking Using EHS Management Software

ODS Sentinel

ODS Sentinel is a cloud-based, refrigerant usage tracker application that helps companies reduce CFC emissions and comply with U.S. EPA regulations.

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