• Inventory permit critical & applicable regulations; establish responsibility, escalation, tracking & recordkeeping, alert notifications and custom escalations

  • Manage monitoring parameters, frequencies & permit limits; analyze & maintain log of results; and validate compliance with internal & regulatory limits

  • Manage profiles by waste category, such as hazardous waste management; record permitted waste generation quantity & track on-going waste generated; manage waste containers; and generate manifests and track to vendor transport/disposal

  • Generate & use QR/Barcode labeling for fast access using Mobile devices

  • Receive regulatory updates about new & upcoming legislations, assess applicability to operations/business and prepare for compliance timeline

  • Data mining, analytics & periodic regulatory reporting capabilities ensuring transparency & visibility to operational performance and compliance across multiple sites/enterprises

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Environmental Software Desktop and Mobile Capabilities EHS Software
EHS Software Business Case Study


Manufacturing facility with multiple environmental permits and local regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements


Consolidated portal to manage on-going permit and regulatory obligations regarding air, water, and waste with flexible requirement management, easy input methods for site personnel and real-time alerting of operational and permit misses


  • Implementation of Gensuite Environmental Management System (EMS) software, including Compliance Calendar, AirLog, ODS Sentinel, Permit Manager, Water Watch, and Waste Management Software (Waste Tracker) applications

  • Flexible, quality waste and environmental compliance software to meet both direct and multi-dimensional permitting requirements with automated escalation and variety of data input methods (desktop, mobile, xls, integrated solutions, etc.)

  • Pre-built reports to meet local, state and federal reporting formats


Compliance Calendar EHS Software

Compliance Calendar

Schedule periodic/recurring tasks and obligations, assign responsibility with email notifications and intelligent escalations and track and report status

Registration Tracker EHS Management Software

Reg Tracker

Monitor and track new and updated regulations by country/jurisdiction with customizable, subscription-based user notification emails and dashboards

Permit Documentation Manager Application

Permit Manager

Digitize key permit details, follow-up on actionable permit conditions and monitoring requirements and centralize all permit/regulatory documentation

Air EHS Compliance Software


Monitor air permit compliance emission requirements against real-time data from emissions sources, limit calculations and recordkeeping exceptions

Waste Management Software

Waste Tracker

Flexible solution to manage and report waste from generation/accumulation to disposal with integrated bar code options enabling seamless mobile management of all waste activities on-site

Water Management Software

Water Watch

Showcase water monitoring performance by outfall via scheduled sampling, tasks and lab result uploads compared against operational and permit limits with embedded real-time exception alerting and reporting


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