• Baseline and track sustainability footprint; identify trends in consumption, costs, emissions

  • Identify conservation opportunities via Treasure Hunts and Energy Audits; estimate cost & resource savings in-the-field using a mobile software application

  • Implement viable reduction projects, track actual cost & savings, and share best practices across the organization to replicate success

  • Define resource/CO2/ cost conservation goals and track progress at the site, segment, and company level; measure impact of energy/resource reduction projects

  • Communicate and report on Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, etc.

  • Standardize corporate environmental sustainability expectations; identify best practices; assess performance

  • Integrate with external systems and data repositories for uploads of resource consumption & cost data

EHS sustainability-energy-management-gensuite
EHS Software Business Case Study


Consumer and industrial appliances manufacturer with global facility footprint and GRI reporting scheme


Efficient web-based platform for collecting & compiling monthly sustainability program KPIs that include product specific KPIs for 160+ global manufacturing, warehouse and office locations with integrated email notifications to ensure timely data reporting and gap analysis. Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets and manual calculations of emissions/trends.


  • Implementation of Eco Inventory Survey with a qualitative sustainability KPI Facility Survey functionality extension

  • Configuration of a web-based portal for tracking monthly usage, costs, and emissions associated with fuels, water, waste, units produced, etc.

  • Annual reporting of qualitative indicators (work force, environment compliance, etc.) for development of annual sustainability reports

  • Customized sustainability reporting software outputs, dashboards, and goal management for year-to-year performance tracking & normalization


Compile and analyze energy usage, water usage, GHG emissions, costs and other customizable sustainability metrics reported monthly, quarterly, or annually

EHS Eco Treasure Hunt prospector

Eco Treasure Hunt (ETH) Prospector

Identify, quantify and compare efficiency across multiple evaluation criteria (i.e. energy savings, CO2 emission reduction, cost savings, simple payback)

EHS Ecoproject Deck

Track resource conservation projects and activities to completion; replicate success and evaluate project impact on overall sustainability footprint

Establish sustainability program expectations and approach to achieve targets and goals; track progress and manage accountability at facility level

Digital Analytics Cockpit & Mapper

Digital Cockpit/Custom Reports

Report sustainability metrics to facilitate leadership-level decision making and demonstrate progress towards set goals and reduction targets


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