• Open platform for all workers to report safety concerns, with integrated follow-up and feedback, and reporting on trends and hot spots

  • Observe employees and contractors in-the-field using tablet & smartphone enabled Mobile software forms (with offline capabilities) and drive improvement through dialogue to minimize at-risk behaviors/conditions

  • Develop & measure leading indicators to derive value from safety improvement opportunities identified at the workplace and use it to establish minimum goals for engaging employees; reward & recognize through a custom points-based model

  • Solicit employee feedback through safety perception surveys; assess line management engagement; enhance safety culture

  • Analyze Key Performance Indicators (leading & lagging indicators) for trend analyses and multi-dimensional charting

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Software Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Capabilities
EHS Software Business Case Study


Fulfillment operations and services provider with global facility and customer footprint


One platform to manage & track their Field Safety Inspection (FSI) program for the entire business. This program would need checklists to allow for quick access on a computer or mobile device to provide a FSI score to measure managers and sites


  • Implementation of the Safety Observations application with customized options for FSI score calculation and to associated multiple barriers for an observation

  • Capability to indicate inactive periods for the managers to would automatically re-calculate their monthly observation goal.

  • Customized Dashboard (real-time) & Summary Report notifications (Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly) that tracks manager & site performance


Provide employees a quick mechanism to share the What, When and Where for safety needs, good catches/near misses and suggestions!

EHS Safety Perception Survey Application

Perception Survey

Establish and track employee responses to Safety Perception Surveys; assess year trends and safety program priorities

Behavior Based Safety Software (BBS) Observations

Record and data mine behavior based safety (BBS) observations for safe vs. at risk activities using Mobile and PC devices; enhance safety culture and drive safety program improvements.

Employee Safety Dialogue Application

Safety Dialogue

Record one-on-one connects between supervisors and workers (employees or contractors); set numerical targets and manage performance; track follow-up on feedback-related action items.

Analytics and Trend Analyzers

Safety Analyzer

Drive proactive improvements by conducting multi-dimensional pareto and trending analysis on leading & lagging safety indicators.

Contractor Manager Safety Application

Contractor Safety – FOM

Conduct visual safety observations of contractor activities on Mobile; generate insights & provide at-risk feedback to contractor firms with photos/videos.


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