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  • Dynamic management system of contractor firms who are actively providing services

  • View list of qualified contractors and quickly assign to active projects

  • Manage contractor firms risk and safety programs

  • Record contractor firm employee training; integrate with onsite security for contractor firm badging

  • Measure performance through online dashboards and provide real time feedback

Contactor Management Desktop and Mobile Capabilities
EHS Software Business Case Study


Construction Management and services provider with global facility and customer footprints


Integrated approach and platform for standardizing contractor firm pre-qualification processes, collect- ing contractor firm details (e.g. training, procedures, etc.), visibility to firms that are approved to conduct work at a site or across the business, and to monitor contractor performance while work is being performed on-site.


  • Implementation of Contractor Safety, Incidents & Measurements, Initial Injury Reports, and Power Inspection Tool applications

  • Ability to develop standard global qualification process and automated notifications for re- qualification based on risk of associated project activities

  • Safety Performance Tracking – contractor firm I&I metrics (Injuries and Illnesses, firm man hours), routine safety inspections, etc


Contractor Manager Safety Application

Manage and streamline qualified contractor firms through a centralized repository and track active on-site contractor projects, firm safety performance and contractor firm employee records

Incident Initial Injury Report

Initial Injury Reports

Log work-related injuries/illness cases for contractor firm projects and track the investigation/follow-up details

Enable the input, management of contractor firm project related incidents and tracking of events related to the contractor firm project

EHS Safety Perception Survey Application

Survey Engine

Create and manage contractor qualification forms/surveys with the flexibility to use across the business and contractors easily

Behavior Based Safety Software (BBS) Observations

Enable tracking of behavior-based safety (BBS) observations using defined risk categories and associated behaviors or conditions for safe versus at-risk activities that are specific to a contractor’s involvements within assigned projects

Safety Inspection Software Checklist Tool

Monitor contractor firm safety through assignment of inspection checklists with real-time tracking of action items and complete inspections directly from a mobile device

EHS Safety Work Permits

Safe Work Permits

Enable digitization of the permit request, review, approval and execution aspects for safety-critical processes related to contractor projects


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