Gensuite Contractor Management Software for Improved Safety Compliance

Many organizations today utilize the expertise of independent contractors to assist with particular aspects of their operations. It is important to establish a standardized process for choosing the right firm for the job while also tracking project progress, monitoring on-site safety, and assigning corrective action items to stay in compliance with OHSA safety rules. Developing and implementing a subcontractor management plan protects not only the contractors, but also employees over the course of the project to ensure the safety of every worker and that the job is progressing as it should.

Gensuite Contractor Management software provides the foundation needed for a proper facility management plan – as it works to enhance contractor safety performance in addition to ensuring regulatory compliance. Robust dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities allow supervisors and safety leaders to gather the insights they need to review contractor inspections and field observations to proactively mitigate safety risks that may potentially lead to both contractor and employee incidents.

Contractor management software and contractor safety software system by Gensuite enables companies to gain visibility over all contractors and contract works, and analyze incidents where contractors are involved

Benefits of a Contractor Management System

  • Create a centralized database of all qualified contractors across the organization
  • Monitor contractor project progress and efficiently assign/monitor tasks through automated notifications and insights
  • Easily track behavior-based safety observations (BBS) during contractor field inspections
  • Assign and track tasks and preventative and corrective actions by contractor firm
  • Dashboards and reporting give visibility into contractor and employee trends to mitigate unwanted incidents
  • Provide support for your workplace injury prevention programs to improve safety at work


How to Use Contractor Management Software to Build an Effective Contractor Safety Program

Contractor Management software digitizes and integrates all aspects of how your organization collaborates and manages projects when working with contractor firms. This then enables your team to create and maintain a centralized repository of contractor firms, electronically conduct contractor pre-qualifications, as well as track active projects and tasks.

It is important for contractors to also be involved in an organization’s workplace injury prevention program. For instance, receiving safety training and maintaining the appropriate certifications needed for their jobs to ensure that safety always remains a top priority. A software solution allows for real-time tracking of contractor injuries and illnesses, in addition to active monitoring of contractor tasks which facilitates a safety culture that protects contractors and employees alike.

Configure and Deploy Contractor Manager Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Contractor Manager Brief

Software built to streamline management of contractor firms & worker safety.


Deploying a Management System Case Study

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Vanguard Law Magazine: Spreadsheets Aren’t Enough

Gensuite automated and digitized this company’s manual process of tracking data through spreadsheets.


Features of Gensuite Contractor Management System

  • View lists of contractor pre-qualifications and quickly assign to active projects
  • Identify and assign on-site corrective actions from desktop or mobile devices
  • Field observations capture onsite contractor-related safety issues and hazards with focused selection of at-risk acts & conditions
  • Dynamic management system of contractor firms who are actively providing services
  • Manage risks of contractor firms and safety performance, including contractor training and integration with onsite security for contractor firm badging
  • Measure performance through online dashboards and insights that provide real time feedback

Integrated Suite of Contractor Management Tools

Manage and Streamline Qualified Contractor Firms Through a Centralized Repository Using Health and Safety Management System Software

Contractor Manager

Streamline management of qualified contractor firms through a centralized repository, track active onsite contractor projects, firm safety performance and contractor firm employee records.

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EHS Management Software Helps Record and Track Initial Injuries using Injury Reporting EHS Software

Initial Injury Reports

Log work-related injury and illness cases for contractor firm projects and allow supervisors / safety leads to track the investigation and follow-up details.

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Incident EHS Management Software Helps to Track Incidents from Occurrence to Closure Using EHS Software

Incidents & Measurements

Record incidents by type with customizable details specific to contractor firm; enable follow-up and root cause analysis and report & analyze metrics and performance trends.

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Inspection Tool

Conduct mobile inspections using customized inspection checklists, establish an auditing routine and assign to managers in the facility

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Employee Engagement Software Helps Establish and Track Employee Responses Via Survey

Survey Engine

Develop and manage contractor prequalification forms and surveys with the flexibility to use across the business.

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Employee Engagement Software Enhances Safety Culture and Drives Safety Improvements

Safety Observations

Record and track behavior-based safety (BBS) observations for safe vs. at-risk activities using mobile and PC devices; enhance safety culture and drive safety program improvements.

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Create digital permit requests, review requests, approve requests, standardize work permits to ensure consistent client/contractor requirements using Gensuite health and Safety Management System

Permit to Work

Enable digitization of all aspects of a safety work permit request from review, approval and execution for consistency of safety-critical processes related to contractor projects.

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PPE Icon

PPE Manager

Facilitate pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management with an ongoing, digitized list of available PPE
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