Gensuite Change Management System to Reduce Change Management Risks

Organizational and operational changes to the way we conduct business occur on a frequent basis. Whether it’s a new strategy, goal, or technology that is shifting your team’s focus, change is a healthy process that keeps companies moving forward to drive efficiency and boost productivity, or to reduce overall costs. However, implementing new processes or equipment can produce many potential hazards for team members and cause setbacks for your organization. Having a comprehensive approach to any new product or process modifications is vital for the continued success of your business.

Gensuite Change Management Software helps EHS, operational, and functional teams identify and manage potential risks and compliance requirements associated with changes to products, operations, equipment, and people. Simplify your Management of Change (MOC) program by standardizing change control processes with your teams for identification, evaluation, and communication of changes. Mobile capabilities provide team members with the flexibility to complete important tasks from anywhere on site and send real time follow-up notifications.

Change Management Software for Mobile and Desktop

Benefits of Change Management Software

  • Identify, track and document potential change management risks and impact on operations, equipment and personnel
  • Standardize processes for stakeholders to initiate and review impact assessments prior to sign-off
  • Accelerate execution of recommended integrated change control processes
  • Communicate changes and responsibilities to team members prior to project execution
  • Improve conformity and compliance of EHS regulatory requirements


Use Change Management Systems to Improve Regulatory Change Management Processes

As updates to EHS regulations occur, organizational and operational processes need to be reviewed and adapted. These impacts are not only dealt with by change program managers and analysts; effects and action items are initiated for the entire organization, such as risk management, compliance and legal advisors, testing and quality assurance, and executive teams. Before new processes and adaptations to EHS programs can be implemented, many functional teams within the organization must cohesively establish a formal detailed change impact assessment.

Change management software allows your organization to clearly define roles and responsibilities to expedite the change requests necessary to comply with new regulations. By automating MOC workflows, stakeholders are notified in real-time of action items to initiate coordination of next steps. As a result, organizations procure automatic documentation and proof of tasks executed to be better prepared for regulatory audits. Site-specific configurations allow global facilities with varying regional compliance needs to satisfy regulatory auditors.

Configure and Deploy MOC Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Change Management Program Brief

Standardize your change management processes to address compliance, risks, and impacts associated with change.



Case Study: Improved Change Management Processes

Learn how a €11 billion multi-specialty chemical company improved their change management processes.



Accenture: Regulatory Change Management Framework

Read about strategies for incorporating regulatory change management into your business model.



Features of Gensuite Change Management System

  • Flexible and self-configurable platform for identifying, tracking and documenting potential risks associated with changes in operations, equipment and personnel
  • Custom screening, evaluation, approval and change validation phases, action item tracking and optional training modules
  • Standardized change request process stages for engaging reviewers and change committees to assess change, recommend controls and validate prior to operation signoff
  • Optional integration with pre-startup safety reviews (PSSR) and other similar process safety requirements (e.g., OSHA Process Safety Management [PSM], EU Seveso Directive)
  • Documentation of “Replacement in Kind” determinations for which formal MOC evaluations are not required
  • Seamless integration with Gensuite applications including Risk Assessment, Industrial Hygiene, LOTO, Chemical Management, etc.

Integrated Suite of Change Management Tools

Change Management Software Helps Initiate Approval for Change Requests

MOC Manager

Initiate approval for change requests, such as process/equipment changes, to ensure comprehensive review of all compliance requirements.

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Action EHS Management Software to Track and Maintain Action Plans Using EHS Software

Action Tracking System

Manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignment, notifications and escalations with real-time status/closure tracking, trending and data mining.

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Gensuite Environment Health and Safety Lockout Tagout EHS Software Helps Maintain LOTO Procedures Using EHS Management Software

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Standardize a process for equipment-specific LOTO authoring & review, track LOTO authorized personnel, and in-progress LOTOs with integrated Mobile access.

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Equipment Tracker

Manage lists of equipment and track specific details including location, part numbers and SOPs.

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Safety Risk EHS Management Software Helps Assess Safety Risks and Track Them Using EHS Software

Safety Risk Assessment

Develop and maintain a searchable repository of job-based risk assessments, available for easy search and access by all employees.

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EHS Management Software Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Management EHS Software

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Provide employees easy access to multilingual Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) risk information.

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