Business Analytics Software for Compliance Reporting & Operational Excellence

Gensuite Business Analytics Software makes your data work for you. With this powerful data management tool, you have access to a combination of EHS data evaluations, and the ability to data mine for predictive and preventative analysis across all levels of an organization. Using this software, EHS and operational leadership teams can focus on data-based leading indicators for performance, providing greater efficiency and focus on deploying resources. We are here to empower you to use your data. 

Benefits of Business Analytics Software

  • Make timely decisions based on the most accurate and current data and take action when it matters the most
  • Maximize the impact of your data by conveying it visually to gain a better understanding of program performance to identify trends and/or potential risks
  • Boost employee engagement and improve organizational culture
  • Eliminate manual reporting processes to ensure quick and actionable insights
  • Streamline and trim operational overhead while eliminating guesswork of EHS, risk and compliance metrics
  • Improved data quality leads to more informed decision making, better products and/or services, and an improved workforce

Integrated Data Analysis to Improve EHS Performance & Compliance Reporting

As business analytics for tracking and reporting quickly becomes a necessity in the workplace, now is the time to think about the insights you could be missing and capture that potential. With so much information and endless reporting capabilities, data management can be enormously powerful, but also overwhelming. With an integrated data analysis tool in place, employees at all organizational levels have access to relevant insights to predict and address environmental, health, and safety (EHS), and sustainability trends. With real-time visibility into organizational data applicable by industry, businesses can immediately identify hazards, incidents, sustainability metrics and more, and implement measures to protect the health of employees and improve the state of the working environment.

Advanced data analytics and data mining capabilities allow businesses to effectively track their most important key performance indicators (KPIs), spark more engaging conversations between organizational leaders and key stakeholders, and empower business decision-makers with accurate, detailed insights about the future of workplace EHS.  

Configure and Deploy Data Analysis Software

Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

Extend and evolve your programs continuously


Data Science and Analytics for Business

Bring your data to life with reporting that drives cross-organization, operational change


Gensuite Analytics Insights Overview

Enhance organizational data management at all levels with integrated reporting measures.


Measuring EHS Analytics Data with Tableau Case Study

Discover how this company utilized Analytics software to develop future-focused business strategies.



Features of Gensuite Business Analytics Software

  • Out-of-the-box analytics software solution with application specific data mining, reporting and charting tools 
  • Integrated dashboards across applications personalized by user and by organization scope with custom layout options and automated email subscriptions to target distribution/frequency 
  • Instant analytics insights on trending data for improved business processes 
  • Dashboards, cockpits, and customized EHS reporting based on subscriber-specific metrics and displays 
  • Data warehouse (DHW) options offer customized data feeds for consolidation into external DWH platforms and Gensuite-hosted DWH analytics solutions Powerful authoring and user-driven custom filtering options to more easily identify scope 
  • Data visualization and data trend identification made easy through editor and designer tabs to manage existing reports, customize new reports, and manage homepage reports 
  • Create Tableau storyboards in regular or dark mode, and share search bar results for efficient collaboration 

Integrated Suite of Operational & Compliance Reporting Tools

Gensuite Metrics Reporting EHS Software Shows Instant EHS Insights Using EHS Management Software

Instant Insights

Analyze key metric trends provided to you automatically on each Gensuite application homepage

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Gensuite Mapper

Enable real-time geographic mapping of sites with dynamic overlays of performance – equipped with data from leading global health agencies for pandemic exposure reporting.

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Employee Engagement Software Helps Drive Proactive Improvements Using EHS Analytics Software


Drive proactive improvements by conducting multi-dimensional Pareto and trend analysis across Gensuite Safety and Waste applications

View Key Performance Indicators in real-time and establish a set schedule to automatically receive updates via email with Gensuite EHS Analytics Software

My Dashboard

View key performance indicators in real-time and establish a set schedule to automatically receive updates via email

Gensuite Business Reporting EHS Management Software Helps Reporting on Business Easier Using EHS Software

Business Reporter

Create customized reports based on business logic, including calculated metrics, color coding and performance/goal comparisons


Digital Cockpit

Communicate business and site performance via business-specific outputs; use Mapper for data visualization beyond traditional reporting models, including geographic site mapping, metrics and more

Review Open Action Items by Using Gensuite Application Manager for EHS Analytics Software

Application Manager

Review open actions by responsible person or for a selected business scope

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