Gensuite Product Steward wins 2020 Top Product of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader for exemplary work being done today in the fields of energy and environmental management.

The Gensuite Product Steward™ application streamlines product compliance, product sustainability, and supply chain sustainability programs. Users can centralize and automate upstream supplier and manufacturer engagement and data collection to establish smarter, more environmentally sound product design and production activities.

By better understanding regulatory compliant materials and materials with the highest composition of recycled content, product teams can design and produce products that are safer for the environment, the workers manufacturing them, and the end-users of the product.  Organizations looking to advance more sustainable practices in their supply chain can collect and validate upstream supplier and manufacturer information on sustainability goals, policies, and practices that have direct community impact as well as impact in products produced by their downstream manufacturers and assemblers.

Application Highlights

  • Integrate with business systems (e.g., ERP, PLM) for automated data sharing
  • Monitor and track new and updated global regulations by country/jurisdiction with auto-flagging of key supplier/product issues
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, Human Rights and other priority/applicable product regulations and standards
  • Screen shipments of products and service-related field kits against country-specific requirements and ensure supply chain continuity


  • Improve supplier engagement utilizing Gensuite’s best-in-class, web-based Supplier Portal which includes industry standard and customizable survey templates and questionnaires, supporting multiple languages
  • Leverage the comprehensive Product Steward application, including a multilingual enabled web-based Supplier Portal, Supplier Campaign Management, and Reporting & Analytics
  • Gensuite communicates progress via periodic dashboards
  • Coordinate cross-functional activities, including compliance, sourcing/procurement, engineering, quality, EHS and sales organizations
Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software

Configure and Deploy the Product Steward Application

  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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