Process Safety Excellence Conference: Top 5 Takeaways

Process Safety Excellence Conference: Top 5 Takeaways


The second annual Process Safety Excellence Conference brought together process safety thought leaders, engineering and operations managers, site-based employees, and other like-minded professionals from around the world for three days of discussions on how to increase awareness and enhance Process Safety through Management of Change processes.

With the right change management processes and technical initiatives in place, you can ensure compliance, better manage an aging infrastructure, implement new technologies, and improve overall safety. Gensuite process safety thought leaders actively participated in and led discussions during the Process Safety Excellence Conference to bring you these top conference takeaways.

1.     Manage Change Before the Problem Arises. The biggest challenge of process safety is the overall change management process. That is, ensuring you have a plan in place before problems arise. Whether that means introducing a new chemical, employee, regulation, new technologies being introduced, or plant/construction project, you must ensure you have a process in place to manage the implications. Any change can deliver unforeseen consequences, and effective management of change means anticipating and evaluating impacts.

2.     Management of Change versus Risk-based Approach. European industry often takes a risk-based approach to safety and operational management. The growing maturity of MOC and process safety tools and practice are bringing an increased level of rigor to analyzing, understanding and managing safety. A systematic and standardized approach draws from past experience (often seen via a growing number of screening and process path evaluation questions within your MOC process) and ensures regulatory and corporate standards are embedded into day to day operations. This approach brings to light the challenge many of you face with your most precious resource, time. While we look to our MOC process to guide us through risk evaluations, we need also be reminded that not every risk nor site is the same and that the MOC process (or processes) deployed needs to be flexible enough to accommodate varying degrees of complexity and scale while working with your employees to address the right risk profile.

3.     Gensuite Fills in the Gaps. During the conference, Gensuite had the opportunity to receive feedback from a member of the Compressed Gasses Industry who commented, “Gensuite is a very complete product offering.” Whether you’re new to Gensuite with business-specific process requirements or a longtime subscriber who has a comprehensive deployment, Gensuite can respond to your needs with our EHS&S offering. We understand that every business and site is unique, and so that every platform deployment is unique. Gensuite helps address those varying requirements and business expectations at each site to ensure your process safety needs are met.

4.     Managing Process Safety Risk with Emerging Technologies. The power of Gensuite via traditional computing (desktop/laptops) is extended through its mobile capability, providing a remote presence to make process safety possible where ever you go. While there is angst with the Process Safety and Management of Change Functions when discussing the introduction of new technologies to a facility, these innovative technologies were a big hit at the Gensuite booth during the Process Safety Excellence Conference. Gensuite has 55,000+ Mobile app users worldwide and is now combining mobile capability with emerging technology such as Bluetooth beacons, smart glasses and virtual assistants to take your site processes to the next level, delivering optimum levels of safety and smoother processes. Just like technology, Process safety is a developing discipline, and these technologies allow us to support operations by delivering best practice solutions.

5.     Practical Process Safety Experience. It is one thing to discuss the idea of process safety tools and futuristic technology, but the challenge is to deploy packaged/integrated software to assist you in effectively managing it in the field. Gensuite has extensive experience with multinational companies, providing a profound understanding of functional process safety needs and deployment paths. We know firsthand what works and what doesn’t. It’s Gensuite’s process safety software that meets today’s needs and takes you into the future.

Deploying the resources and competencies discussed above will enhance your process safety practices and deliver better operational performance. Gensuite leaders are here to help you fill in the gaps, manage change before problems arise, and deliver effective process safety programs. Process safety is a cross-functional concern – that’s why Gensuite delivers solutions across 5 functional areas, providing you with a comprehensive, reliable and effective safety management capability.








Doug Martin

Customer Services & Development, Gensuite

Doug Martin has worked for 15 years at Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, with a focus on Chemical Operations & Pharmaceutical Client adoption, deployment, customization, and expansion of Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability based applications. With a heavy concentration in Chemical Operations, he has aided in the development of proper deployment plans to assist customers in meeting process safety requirements globally. Outside of this concentration of Clients, Doug has developed a focus on Environmental data tracking, data migration/movement, and technological advancement opportunities. Doug received his B.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Dayton in 2003.






Peter Walsh

Director, New Subscriber Development, Europe Gensuite

Peter Walsh is an EH&S and Sustainability professional with 25 years’ experience across a diverse range of geographies and roles. His expertise encompasses the full range of EH&S and Sustainability aspects, including environmental impact assessment, management systems, and corporate sustainability performance. He has developed specialist expertise in the use of technology to drive operational excellence and resource efficiency and has implemented data and process management systems for numerous global clients. Peter has worked for a range of clients across Australia and Europe, in the industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, resource, and consumer goods sectors. His professional focus is to help companies use EH&S and Sustainability technology to drive improved business performance.








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