Global Partners Launches Gensuite® for Compliance Assurance

Global Partners Launches Gensuite® for Compliance Assurance

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Global Partners and the deployment of the Gensuite Compliance Assurance suite of tools with integrated compliance task and corrective action tracking as well as mobile-enabled site inspection/auditing capabilities.

Global Partners is a midstream energy logistics and marketing company that owns, controls or has access to one of the largest terminal networks of petroleum products and renewable fuels in the Northeast. It also is one of the largest distributors of gasoline, distillates, residual oil and renewable fuels to wholesalers, retailers and commercial customers in New England and New York with rail-based crude oil transportation across the mid-continental U.S. and Canada.

Global Partners selected Gensuite® because of the ease with which noncompliant items can be assigned and tracked to closure as well as the level of integration among modules. They will utilize Gensuite® Compliance Calendar, Action Tracking System, and Power Inspection Tool to manage tracking of corrective actions as a result of inspections and audits. Global Partners will begin piloting Gensuite® at 3 sites this month with a full rollout to 24 sites in August. Gensuite LLC Director of Customer Services, Jeremy Garner, said, “We are thrilled to be working with the Global Partners EHS team to launch Gensuite across their organization, and to ensure a high level of user comfort through the transition process from legacy systems into a more tightly integrated solution.”

Gensuite LLC is the exclusive world-wide licensee and service provider for Gensuite®, a suite of award-winning, integrated Web applications enabling compliance and risk management excellence. As a result of over 15 years of Six Sigma digitization innovation, Gensuite now consists of over 60 modules spanning the entire EHS spectrum. Gensuite provides program support for EHS, Sustainability, Quality, Security/Crisis Management, Responsible Sourcing, and Product Compliance. All modules are developed on the same innovative and patented architecture, providing an intuitive interface, real-time trending & analytics, and mobile capabilities. The mission of Gensuite LLC is to be the turnkey partner for compatible subscribers of the Gensuite platform, with services spanning hosting, maintenance, support, customization, implementation & strategy consulting and continuous product evolution.

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