Gensuite’s ODS Sentinel Wins Environmental Leader 2019 Top Product

Gensuite’s ODS Sentinel Wins Environmental Leader 2019 Top Product


CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, ODS Sentinel software application is awarded Environmental Leader’s 2019 Product of the Year. ODS Sentinel is a refrigerant management and usage tracker application that helps organizations reduce CFC emissions polluting the ozone and comply with U.S. EPA regulations.

New amendments to the Montreal Protocol and EPA’s Clean Air Act (40 CFR 81, Subpart F) require companies to comply with new non-ozone depleting substance regulations and lower leak thresholds for all substances, as well implement stronger processes for leak detection and remediation. In 2018, Gensuite updated ODS Sentinel to make sure users met the January 1, 2019 compliance deadline. In response to the new refrigerant management regulations, Gensuite enhanced the application with new calculations for compliance, integrated leak inspection follow-up, and streamlined tracking of extensions and off-ramp requests to meet new refrigerant management regulations.

The ODS application integrates with Gensuite’s Compliance Calendar application to schedule follow-up repair inspections based on the new requirements. The comprehensive employee collaboration workflow, tracking and reporting capabilities, allow organizations to have more control over their equipment inventory and leak management, and ensures organizations can assign accountability to employees for seeing repairs through.

One Gensuite subscriber, a US-based food retail and distribution company, deployed Gensuite’s ODS Sentinel to standardize their refrigerant management processes. The application allowed the organization to effectively track 2,000 refrigerant-related pieces of equipment, in 2 million square feet of grocery and warehouse space, resulting in significant waste reduction, expanded reporting and equipment management capabilities and compliance, and increased team engagement.

“We are pleased to accept this award reflecting the continued commitment of the Gensuite subscriber community to compliance with U.S. CFC regulations designed to protect the world’s fragile stratospheric protective ozone layer. Gensuite is proud to have made the investment to rebuild the ODS Sentinel application and to work with our subscribers to beta test and fine-tune it to be ready on Day 1: 1-Jan-2019.  We invite like-minded enterprises and sites to discover how ODS Sentinel can help with recordkeeping and compliance of the updated regulations”, said R Mukund, Founder & CEO of Gensuite.

In 2018, Gensuite implemented the Application Recharge initiative – a company-wide audit of all applications to prioritize user experience innovations and maintain their industry-leading software UX design. Since 1997, Gensuite has been the leading provider of EHS compliance and management systems excellence. Learn more about Gensuite’s ODS Sentinel software innovations.


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