Gensuite Set to Launch New In-App Remote Collaboration Tool

Gensuite Set to Launch New In-App Remote Collaboration Tool

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, is currently in the final pilot phase of their new in-app remote collaboration tool, U Connect, with an expected launch date in September.  Built as a fully integrated tool, U Connect easily connects users to other team members and experts directly through the Gensuite platform to share real-time audio, video, and chat functionality with ease whether on-site or remote.  As a part of the Gensuite subscription, U Connect will be released and available to all users who request access as a no incremental cost extension for deployment on desktop and Mobile platforms as a “field user/remote expert” engagement solution; with additional deployment options available for broad-based user integration and add-on features .

Kicking off the first week of June, 40+ subscribing companies have been part of the pilot, extended through the end of August as additional features have been added throughout the pilot period.  Initially designed to assist with remote auditing and site engagement activities, team members or on-site professionals were able to use U Connect to share real-time visuals of facility features, machinery, or operations to complete audits without having to step foot at the location.  Since the pilot, users have identified multiple additional use cases for U Connect such as incident investigation, equipment maintenance, inspections, and lockout tagout.

Among the key features of U Connect, accessible across all Gensuite applications, is the ability to look up other users, view availability status, toggle between front and back cameras, and expand or minimize the U Connect window during chat or video.  Enhanced features now available as part of the pilot extension include push notifications when away from Gensuite for enhanced usability, as well as bandwidth verification for smoother collaboration.  Genny® the Gensuite virtual assistant, is also available to walk users through the entire U Connect process to allow easy connection with your peers.

This new collaborative feature was revealed first at the May 2020 Virtual Gensuite Conference, offering attendees a live demonstration of the tool in action.  Learn more about how the U Connect capabilities can help with remote auditing and Gensuite’s other innovative solutions through their suite of applications.


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