Gensuite Selected as Best Product Launch in the 2016 BOC Business Brilliance Awards

Gensuite Selected as Best Product Launch in the 2016 BOC Business Brilliance Awards

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Gensuite is honored to be selected as a winner in the 2016 BOC Business Brilliance Awards under the Best New Product Launch category. Gensuite’s entry on their EZ Scan feature detailed the tool’s capabilities, inception and results achieved through user experience.

BOC Global Events & Training Group is a professional event and training provider based in the United Kingdom. Their Business Brilliance Awards recognize best business practices and achievements from companies around the globe. “(These) awards attract a wide range of entries from across all sectors, from large international and public sector organizations to dynamic and innovative private businesses,” according to the BOC.

Since its release in May 2016, Gensuite EZ Scan has received rave reviews from users, with many creative implementations ranging from safety concern reporting to chemical hazard communications and beyond. The EZ Scan feature is connected to the Gensuite Mobile application for smart devices, which currently has over 30,000 users. Since EZ Scan’s release, the number of registered Gensuite Mobile users has increased by over 40%.

“EZ Scan not only helps employees locate SDS easily and quickly, but also allows security and other supporting agencies to know the hazards in real-time. Nice job Gensuite on this capability!” said one EHS Systems Administrator.

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Gensuite® cloud-based IT solutions enable you to achieve your vision for robust and effective business compliance processes and management systems. The result of two decades of systematic innovation and evolution, Gensuite today offers proven product suites for Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and Sustainability; Quality; Security; Responsible Sourcing, and Product Stewardship. Our 65+ integrated, award-winning Web applications provide comprehensive program support, delivering enterprise operational excellence and risk management. All Gensuite applications share an innovative and patented architecture, with integrated and intuitive interfaces, real-time trending & analytics, and best-in-class Mobile capabilities. Gensuite subscribers are assured of an absolute commitment to and a track record of product & service excellence, with services spanning hosting, maintenance, support, customization, implementation & strategy consulting and continuous product evolution; and an unmatched collaboration.


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