Gensuite Partners with TNQ InGage for an Immersive Learning and Development Experience

Gensuite Partners with TNQ InGage for an Immersive Learning and Development Experience

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has partnered with TNQ InGage, a leading provider of immersive technology learning and development solutions, to share captivating training content on their new learning management platform, MyLMS.  Featuring interactive and engaging online learning content, the partnership between Gensuite and TNQ InGage will allow users to access the power of augmented reality and virtual reality for training and education, to provide an impactful, safe and inviting way to learn.  Beginning the partnership in early 2020, TNQ InGage’s e-learning content will be available to all users within Gensuite’s platform.

TNQ InGage was built on the idea that immersive training can redefine the way people train and learn, specializing in augmented reality and virtual reality tech solutions for online learning content.  With training solutions available for construction, manufacturing, and healthcare organizations, TNQ InGage has built over 500 unique training modules focused on product development, quality control, safety and procedural training, and more.  Backed by Gensuite’s new comprehensive learning management system, MyLMS, subscribers can engage themselves in a unique training experience, while accessing an intuitive platform with mobile access for training on-the-go as well as assigned learning and options to self-enroll in course content for additional development.

“Integrating with TNQ InGage content is bringing us to the future of Learning and Development today via the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based content available for use on a standard laptop/desktop or with more immersive AR/VR headsets.  These courses let the trainee decide their pathway through the content which can lead to ‘failed task completion’ but greater learning on behalf of the trainee.” Douglas Martin, VP Business Development & Strategy

“We are super excited about this partnership and the integration of our extensive safety and skill VR immersive training content with Gensuite’s MyLMS. AR/VR is an amazing tool for learning, but its ROI more than doubles when it’s tied back to the LMS. This integration would allow us to gather actionable metrics from the VR training and measure ROI for our customers. We can deliver a truly scalable VR training solution for 1,000, 10,000 or even more employees with this integration which is exactly what our customers want.” Vijay Karunakaran, Founder & CEO, TNQ InGage Technologies

As part of Gensuite’s 2020 product roadmap focus, the new MyLMS application is helping subscribers access needed training resources during the new remote working environment brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Partnering with TNQ InGage, Gensuite is proud to offer exciting learning and development content options to further their subscribers training initiatives while managing the safety of employees and enhancing productivity.  Learn more about the training content TNQ InGage has to offer available on Gensuite’s MyLMS application.

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