Gensuite Partners with Securus to Digitize Human and Organizational Performance

Gensuite Partners with Securus to Digitize Human and Organizational Performance

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has partnered with Securus, an EHS and quality consulting firm that aims to take a risk-based approach to EH&S, Sustainability, and Quality. The goal of this partnership is the advancement of the EH&S function and its impact by combining the H&OP expertise of Securus with Gensuite’s proven digital solution capability. Beginning in the 1990s, the two companies began a conversation about Human & Organizational Performance, and Gensuite’s implementation of it as an effective, easy-to-implement, risk-based approach into their platform’s safety program capability.  

The partnership between the two companies originated from the thought that digitization would be the driving factor that brought H&OP to life within EH&S, allowing those using that technology to realize quick ROI and interact with their data in new ways. H&OP implementation has shifted the view of employers to focus on optimizing their safety systems and organizational cultures in order to support employees in helping to create a well-rounded, regulation-compliant environment. Due to Gensuite applications’ ability to operate on mobile, employees using Gensuite can take control of their safety and become fluent in their workplace regulations through readily available experiential learning opportunities. The foundation of this implementation is built on Gensuite’s highly configurable, digital platform, which makes integration of H&OP Performance principles easy to accomplish. 

“The introduction of H&OP principles into the Gensuite solution is a great illustration of the power of Gensuite Subscriber and partner community, harnessing the H&OP expertise of Securus and our customers’ commitment to process improvement and safety culture change,” says Natasha Porter, Executive Vice President and Customer Development Officer at Gensuite. In the Gensuite platform’s safety program capability, the two companies have been working towards the digitization of H&OP and have seen great success and potential stem from their efforts. Initial showings of Gensuite solution functionality were positive, and continual phasing of H&OP functionality into the Gensuite platform has revealed the potential of H&OP’s impact in organizations across the breadth of industries that we serve. 


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