Gensuite Partners with Huco Consulting to Offer Turnkey Permit Compliance Solution

Gensuite Partners with Huco Consulting to Offer Turnkey Permit Compliance Solution

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, the cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has launched a partnership with Huco Consulting (Huco) to propel permit readiness and compliance to the next level. Combining the powerful compliance management capabilities of Gensuite’s compliance assurance digital solution set with Huco’s proven compliance program and permit review and implementation expertise and services, frees organizations up to focus on more strategic risk management activities.

Gensuite Compliance Calendar, Permit Manager, and multimedia compliance tools for Air, Water and Waste provide options for organizations to simplify compliance assurance activities and engage operational teams more effectively while maintaining an institutional memory of regulatory task requirements, completion, and follow-up.

Huco provides deep domain expertise, an extensive library of content and the ability to translate permit requirements into simple tasks that matter to front line staff, transforming organizations’ paper/scanned permits into digitized and actionable compliance assurance programs. The simplified recordkeeping requirements and action plans are then seamlessly integrated into Gensuite® digital solution, where responsible persons and key stakeholders are engaged as part of real-time workflows via desktop and mobile devices.

“Managing EHS risk is our passion, and our Compliance Alliance team has found working with Gensuite to be a breeze professionally and technically. Not only is their team highly responsive and supportive (a key part of our mission), but we are also able to reliably and quickly  (more so than other tools) load their system with compliance tasks from our HuComply database”, says Sameer Vyas, co-founder of Huco.

“Through our partnership with Huco, we are addressing one of the key bottlenecks in the compliance assurance process – translating complex permits into action at the facility level.  Our customers and prospective clients have been looking for a simple pathway for many years and this turnkey, integrated offering offers that,” says Donavan Hornsby, VP and Strategy Exec, Gensuite.

Huco and Gensuite are excited to introduce this turnkey, integrated solution that offers an automated and actionable answer to a complex problem. The combination of simple action items with automated reminders and task assignments eliminates many of the stumbling blocks companies face. Huco believes that providing front line staff with the tools and information they need to actively participate in compliance management is the key to operationalizing compliance, and Gensuite is pleased to partner with Huco in offering this solution to its users.

To learn more about the tools and resources available through each company, visit the Gensuite website and Huco website.

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