Gensuite Launches New Ergonomics Evaluator Module

Gensuite Launches New Ergonomics Evaluator Module

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has developed a new tool to evaluate workplace ergonomics and help with self-assessments for use in the new remote working environment.   The new module, named Ergo Evaluator, was built using key learnings from the Gensuite Ergo Facilitator module which provided structured ergo assessment capabilities for industrial and office environments.  Ergo Evaluator provides more robust, streamlined self-service functionality, and enhanced reporting for conducting custom ergo assessments, and will replace the Office Ergo sub-module in Ergo Facilitator, which will be phased out by the end of 2020.

Inspired by the award-winning ergo initiatives launched by Gensuite subscriber Comcast, and fueled by the growing need for ergo assessments in home offices through the transition to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ergo Evaluator enables employees to conduct their own ergonomic assessments using custom tools designed by their business ergonomics leader.  Accessible through a QR code or quick link, improving ergonomics in the workspace wherever you work from is now easier than ever.

Site and business safety or ergo leaders can also benefit from conducting standardized evaluations to identify ergo hazards and implement specific improvements to address employee ergo issues.  Once evaluations are complete, the assessments are streamlined into robust reporting tools that can indicate areas of discomfort, break down and summarize evaluation details, and initiate follow-up for corrective actions.  Ergo Evaluator can be seamlessly integrated into Gensuite’s Action Tracking System for management of corrective action items to drive employee engagement and workplace health and safety.

Gensuite is currently working with subscribers on piloting the new Ergo Evaluator tool for full launch over the next few months.  In addition to the ergonomics tool, Gensuite has developed an entire suite of health and safety applications designed to reduce risks and incidents within the workplace.  Learn more about these solutions and review our tips on home office ergonomics to evaluate your ergo safety.

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