Gensuite Introduces New Tanks Reporting Feature

Gensuite Introduces New Tanks Reporting Feature

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has created new reporting functionality to enable organizations to track and report on fugitive air emissions from storage tanks.  Now integrated into the Gensuite AirLog application module that tracks air compliance requirements, monitors and tracks performance and emission parameters (and more), the new “Tanks Reporting” functionality will be offered as an add-on to those interested in utilizing the functionality to complement their air emissions and compliance programs.

Positioned as part of the Gensuite Environmental Management & Compliance solutions, Tanks Reporting was created following the sunset of U.S. EPA’s support for its Tanks application and designed to fill the need for a more robust digital solution.  With this turnkey solution, subscribers not only benefit from the robust features but also a network of Gensuite Alliance Partners, specializing in environmental compliance management and with expertise helping companies transition from Excel-based or other ineffective systems.

The new reporting solution is designed to enable organizations to measure, track, and report on the gasses emitted into the air from tanks; both while they are sitting on the racks as well as when the tanks are being loaded.  Leveraging a series of complex and in-depth calculations, the emissions parameters are based off multiple factors and characteristics of the emission source such as tank diameter, height, roof shape, and paint absorption factor, among others.  Integrated chemical product profiles and speciation functionality is complemented by innovative workflow capability such as barcode/QR code scanning for auto-population of data based on chemical product profile characteristics or quantities.

To learn more about the Tanks Reporting module, download the product brief.  In addition to Tanks Reporting check out Gensuite’s suite of Environmental Management & Compliance tools to meet your environmental and emissions tracking needs.

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