Gensuite Goes Live with the New Tableau®-Powered Gensuite Analytics

Gensuite Goes Live with the New Tableau®-Powered Gensuite Analytics

CINCINNATI, Ohio—In April, Gensuite, a cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, announced that they have partnered with Tableau® to bring interactive report visualization capabilities to its users. Last week, the new Tableau®-powered Gensuite Analytics went live. The ability to visualize data, readily edit or create new reporting charts and analyze data from multiple sources through the use of a Gensuite data warehouse has opened new doors for predictive analytics in the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) industry.

The new Analytics platform empowers users to take captured data and derive valuable insights that allow teams to drive action. With Tableau, Gensuite subscribers can easily prepare data for analysis, utilize drag-and-drop analytics features, instantly share data and easily create customized reports with editable templates and multivariate analysis.

Gensuite is committed to truly enabling subscribers to harness the power of data-driven EHS management to improve employee safety and wellbeing, business operations and financial performance through easy, efficient and insightful analytics. Gensuite will accomplish this through a comprehensive training program, developed and hosted by Gensuite, to train users on editing and designing visual reports within Gensuite Analytics – powered by Tableau®.

To see a demonstration of the new Gensuite Analytics platform, visit here.


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