Gensuite Donations Are Making a Difference – Computers & Projectors Educating in Africa!

CINCINNATI, Ohio – In April, Gensuite—a cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider based in Mason, Ohio—donated gently used computers, monitors, keyboards and other computing accessories to the Charitable Computing Ministry of St. Susanna Parish, a local organization that provides free computers to charities of Warren County and in communities surrounding the region. Gensuite’s donations have gone beyond Mason to educate children in Uganda!

“The seed you sowed is being watered, it will grow and multiply one day. Come to think of it, one of these kids wants to become a pilot! Others have learned that there is a bright future with a career in computer-ICT jobs. As soon as we install doors, windows and electricity, we will be able to open these kids’ eyes to the world of communication with fast internet for research and teleconferencing capacities,” said Dr. Gary Sweeten of Sweeten Life Systems, the organization that was given Gensuite’s computers & projectors.

A large part of Gensuite’s culture is philanthropy efforts—with global community outreach events scheduled on a quarterly basis. Gensuite is honored to see their donations make an impact around the world and look forward to continuing work with the Charitable Computing Ministry.

If you would like to donate, or would like to become involved with the Charitable Computing Ministry of St. Susanna Parish, you can contact their donation line (513)-668-7483 and leave a message and contact information or visit their website at


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