Gensuite Donations are Helping Shanghai Classrooms Advance Children’s Technology Skills

Gensuite Donations are Helping Shanghai Classrooms Advance Children’s Technology Skills

SHANGHAI, China – In October, Gensuite – a global cloud-based compliance management systems software solutions provider – donated six gently used laptops and other computer accessories to the Shanghai Zhonggu Charity, an organization that builds multimedia classrooms and gives computer lessons for children in underprivileged areas.

According to their online resources, Shanghai Zhonggu Charity’s “Love Passing and Recycling Computer Classroom” project, uses donations to help children and to reduce electronic waste consumption by partnering with professional teams and environmental protection factories. The charity is committed to information-based education and poverty alleviation in remote areas, so that local children have more opportunities to receive education and see the world. This project combines education for poverty alleviation, environmental protection, and a circular economy.

Beyond creating, compliance and management software applications, Gensuite teams actively donate and participate in global community outreach events throughout the year that benefit various charities worldwide. Gensuite is honored to see their donations make an impact and looks forward to continuing work with the Shanghai Zhonggu Charity.

“For other companies this might be hard, but our company makes it easy to recycle laptops and help organizations like this,” said Amy Feng, Gensuite Lead Business Process Specialist.

To learn more about this organization, or find ways to contribute to their cause, visit their website at


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