Gensuite Assessment: SolarWinds Hack

Gensuite Assessment: SolarWinds Hack

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As has been reported over the last week, a broad array of organizations and US government agencies have been impacted by what is being called the SolarWinds Hack. Solarwinds, a US-based company that develops software for IT monitoring and network management, has released a statement that this cyberattack has affected devices on their Orion platform. Customers were prompted to complete an update containing the malware, and if activated this would enable compromised access to servers, workstations, and other networked devices running the Orion application.

 The Gensuite team has conducted a comprehensive assessment of our IT infrastructure and determined that the SolarWinds product was never deployed anywhere in our platform.  

 While our platform is unaffected by this specific exploit, we also wanted to take this opportunity to provide continued assurance to their subscribers group of the rigorous assessment process for any software products introduced into our IT environment. If you would like more information on our IT data security practices and protocols, please reach out to our Subscriber Services team.

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