Gensuite Announces Rebrand of Sustainability Products with Analytics and Reporting Updates

Gensuite Announces Rebrand of Sustainability Products with Analytics and Reporting Updates

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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, has formally launched its Sustainability & Energy Management Suite, deriving from their erstwhile Eco Suite of application modules.  The new branding more closely aligns to the broader sustainability program focus areas these solutions address, having evolved significantly since their inception nearly 15 years ago as a carbon footprinting solution.  The Sustainability Suite now includes a series of enhancements released through the course the last 12 months, guided by feedback from an engaged cross-subscriber workgroup.

Initiated in August of 2019, the workgroup was designed to provide a forum for Sustainability leaders within the Gensuite community to connect and collaborate while helping chart the future of the Gensuite sustainability solutions.  Taking the feedback gained from this group and sub-groups on topics including supply chain sustainability to data validation, Gensuite set their sights on administrator and usability updates as well as creating robust sustainability reporting features, accessible to all Sustainability Reporting subscribers.  This library of out-of-the-box Tableau® reports provides greater flexibility in visualizing sustainability reporting data, so organizations can slice and dice quantitative data and prioritize their sustainability initiatives.  Showcasing key performance indicators, the reports allow Gensuite to help users easily see their sustainability footprint, usage, or costs, with drill down capabilities to view by site location.  The new reports also leverage Tableau’s built-in forecasting algorithm to help organizations project progress towards their targets.

As a standard reporting feature for all sustainability suite user, Gensuite hopes the new Tableau dashboards will be an inspiration and a jumping off point for each subscriber’s sustainability visualization needs.  Gensuite is also working to incorporate targets from their Goal Management module within the sustainability Tableau dashboards for more comprehensive progress tracking.

Additional enhancements and updates are slated for the Gensuite Sustainability suite of applications in 2020, all aimed at streamlining reporting processes.  To encourage collaboration among subscribers, another Sustainability workgroup is being formed for Q3 2020.  Learn more about the Sustainability Suite of solutions offered to see how you can build a successful sustainability program with Gensuite.

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