Gensuite Announces Expansion to 24/7 Monitored Service

Gensuite Announces Expansion to 24/7 Monitored Service

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Gensuite, a cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider, is proud to announce the expansion of its 24/7 Monitoring Service. Following the original launch of the service in 2015, Gensuite has been continuing its investments to expand on the service and extend the capabilities and responsibilities of the monitoring team to provide immediate support on emergency and system issues around-the-clock. These expansions reflect the company’s global platform growth and commitment to service-level agreements with its subscribers, now numbering over 200 companies with 50+ subscribers added in the last 9 months alone.

Gensuite’s 24/7 Monitoring Service capability not only acts as a first point of contact for system issues, errors, and timeouts, but also supports high-priority issue resolution with the team’s growth. The dedicated global monitoring resources ensure the company can rapidly respond to fetch requests for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from subscribers of the Gensuite SDS System, continuously monitor the status of company servers, and respond and escalate high priority issues as they are reported. “The growth of our global monitoring team has allowed us to quickly and more effectively respond to issues and address/escalate them faster,” said Jason Krueger, Gensuite Vice President & IT Operations Executive, “We’re more equipped to get the right people involved in the process sooner, which allows us to more effectively ensure our commitments to our customers. Our monitoring service is also available for you as a customer if you are in need of a Safety Data Sheet in critical situations.”

Additional subscriber support services have been seamlessly integrated in the 24/7 monitoring service as well.  A new Level 2 IT Team was introduced to specifically manage high priority issues that are in Gensuite’s service-level agreements with subscribers during peak hours to meet and exceed uptime and responsiveness.  Andy Stoeckel, Gensuite Senior IT Manager, noted, “The Level 2 Team has opened time for Gensuite’s core IT Team to take on other high priorities to better ensure effective delivery of our solution. These priorities include innovation of our site architecture and have thus resulted improved page response time and scalability. Having their level of expertise available to monitor the Gensuite cloud provides an invaluable benefit to our team and greater peace of mind to our clients. They can rest assured that well-trained eyes are monitoring their solution.” The Level 2 Team will be expanded to a 24/7 capability in the near future, with integrated escalation from the 24/7 Monitoring Service.

Gensuite® enables companies to implement robust cross-functional compliance & management systems – locally, globally and across diverse operating profiles. Our comprehensive cloud software suite features intuitive, best-practice process functionality, flexible configurations and powerful extensions.  For over two decades, we’ve helped companies manage safe & sustainable operations worldwide, with a focus on fast return on investment (ROI), service excellence and continuous innovation. Join over 600,000 users that trust Gensuite with their compliance and EHS&S software system needs!


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