Enhesa and Gensuite Offer New Turnkey Compliance Assurance Solution for Small and Mid-sized Organizations

Enhesa and Gensuite Offer New Turnkey Compliance Assurance Solution for Small and Mid-sized Organizations

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Gensuite, the cloud-based compliance and management systems software solutions provider is pleased to announce a new turnkey compliance assurance solution for small and mid-sized organizations. This new offering simplifies and accelerates an organization’s ability to deploy an audit program with a pre-configured set of audit protocols and content that align with the most common jurisdictions and compliance profiles, enabled by an award-winning digital solution that enables mobile-powered audits, remote auditor capability, integrated corrective action workflows, and analytics out-of-the-box on day one.

This new solution addresses a long-standing need in the market for an affordable and robust compliance assurance solution for small and mid-sized businesses that face many of the complex compliance challenges faced by large enterprises. By integrating Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence service and its globally-recognized regulatory audit protocols and content with the Gensute® READY platform and its Reg Auditor™ module, organizations are able to standardize enterprise-wide compliance assurance process activities and tailor site compliance activities in alignment with federal, state, and local regulatory expectations. Audit processes can be extended to include integrated audit summary reporting and corrective action assignment, closure, and follow-up workflows.

This new quick-to-launch, pre-configured compliance assurance solution is a hallmark of the Gensuite® READY digital platform and eliminates the need for organizations to search for and license separate regulatory audit content and digital solution options by integrating both as one integrated solution, backed by the continuous updates and innovations provided by the Enhesa and Gensuite partnership.

With over 20 years of partnership and compliance experience, Gensuite and Enhesa are honored to lead the charge and bring affordable cutting-edge technology to an underserved segment of industry. Learn more about the Gensuite® solution by downloading our Reg Auditor brief, or schedule a demo.

About Gensuite

Gensuite® enables companies to implement robust cross-functional compliance & management systems – locally, globally and across diverse operating profiles. Our comprehensive cloud-based software suite features intuitive, best-practice process functionality, flexible configurations and powerful extensions. For over two decades, we’ve helped companies manage safe & sustainable operations worldwide, with a focus on fast return on investment (ROI), service excellence and continuous innovation. Join over 1,500,000 users that trust Gensuite with their compliance and EHS&S software system needs.

About Enhesa

Enhesa is partner to multinational corporations that want to help make the world a better place. We help our clients be true contributing members of society with comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence. Over the past 25 years, Enhesa has built a knowledge base of EHS and product regulatory content in more than 300 jurisdictions, translated into clear and usable requirements in more than 30 local languages for businesses to overcome communication barriers and understand the keys to compliance. Our approach to centralized, standardized global EHS and product compliance enables companies to establish common ground across their entire global business – ensuring site-to-site consistency and collaboration. It is our mission to help our clients comply with confidence – today, tomorrow, across the globe.

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