COMING SOON – Gensuite’s Annual Customer Conference

COMING SOON – Gensuite’s Annual Customer Conference

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Everyone at Gensuite is excited about the annual Customer Conference this week – Wednesday, May 4, 2016 through Friday, May 6, 2016.  Our annual conference provides both training and implementation workshops on the most popular Gensuite applications; and gives all of our subscribers a chance to collaborate and share how they implement Gensuite in their businesses; and to work with us and our service partners on the future of Gensuite.

One of Gensuite’s service partners called the Gensuite Conference the best user conference he’s ever been to – the “most interactive and innovative”!

Why should you attend the annual Gensuite Conference?

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to explore how others are using Gensuite tools and learn hands-on implementation strategies. From interactive discussions, subscribers translate business objectives and expectations into ways that would work with Gensuite. You will also have the opportunity to share feedback on the future of Gensuite. Your ideas could become the next Gensuite tools that help the Gensuite family achieve their business and function goals.

Our hands-on workshops are designed to teach users on how to configure, launch and maintain applications such as:
Contractor Safety, SDS System, Training Tracker, Incident Management, Waste Tracker, Supervisory (Ops) Metrics, Maintenance Manager, Safety Observations, among many more!

The Match, Learn & Launch Sessions are designed to educate program leaders on:
Environmental Permits & Compliance, Strategies for Effective Employee Engagement, Auditing: Corporate & Business Level, Incident Reporting Management, and many more!

To learn about upcoming Gensuite conferences in your region, click here to visit our user conference page.

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