Business Analytics & Insights – a Gensuite Innovation Series

Business Analytics & Insights – a Gensuite Innovation Series

Gensuite is pleased to present a series of announcements regarding recent innovations in Business Analytics & Insights developed in collaboration with the Gensuite Subscriber Community.

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Gensuite LLC, a leading global provider of cloud-based EH&S and cross-functional risk management solutions, is pleased to announce the development of Gensuite’s Word Cloud Agent, an innovate approach to quickly identifying patterns in information. Implementation of the agent in Gensuite’s Concern Reporting have provided EH&S and operations teams with a quick and easy way to identify patterns in concerns reported by employees at the site and corporate levels.

Gensuite’s Word Cloud Agent provides an opportunity to gather insights that would otherwise be extremely difficult and time-consuming using traditional reporting functionality such as information tables and even graphical charting. EH&S and operations teams can now visualize the most common concerns and employee perceptions (e.g., safety, management systems, etc.) in the context of all inputs by the site teams in a way that traditional trend charting would not highlight.

This unique expansion of Gensuite’s built-in, out-of-the-box reporting capabilities is available to all Gensuite Subscribers of the Concern Reporting application. Subscribers can look forward to planned implementation of Gensuite’s Word Cloud Agent in other applications, including the Gensuite Action Tracking System and Incident & Measurements tools. Gensuite also has plans to deploy this innovative analytical capability in its Quality and Security offerings in 2016.

Gensuite LLC is the exclusive world-wide licensee and service provider for Gensuite®, a suite of award-winning, integrated Web applications enabling compliance and risk management excellence. As a result of over 15 years of Six Sigma digitization innovation, Gensuite now consists of over 60 modules spanning the entire EHS spectrum. Gensuite provides program support for EHS, Sustainability, Quality, Security/Crisis Management, Responsible Sourcing, and Product Compliance. All modules are developed on the same innovative and patented architecture, providing an intuitive interface, real-time trending & analytics, and mobile capabilities. The mission of Gensuite LLC is to be the turnkey partner for compatible subscribers of the Gensuite platform, with services spanning hosting, maintenance, support, customization, implementation & strategy consulting and continuous product evolution.

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