Benchmark ESG ™ | Gensuite® Launches Strategic Partnership with Bowers Management Analytics Enabling Identification of potentially Serious Injuries & Fatalities (pSIFs) using Artificial Intelligence

Benchmark ESG ™ | Gensuite® Launches Strategic Partnership with Bowers Management Analytics Enabling Identification of potentially Serious Injuries & Fatalities (pSIFs) using Artificial Intelligence

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Benchmark Digital Partners (formally Gensuite LLC) is excited to introduce a new digital solutionpSIF AI Advisor™, to identify potentially serious injuries and fatalities (pSIFs) in partnership with Bowers Management Analytics (BMA).  

The new pSIF solution by Benchmark ESG™Gensuite®, cloud-based Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software platformdelivers the first machine learning automation to identify potentially serious injuries & fatalities and their associated high-risk activities. The pSIF AI Advisor powered by BMA assists in quickly evaluating large quantities of data and enables safety teams to discover trends, identify SIF precursors in high-risk situations, and understand which management controls are either absent or ineffective that could result in a serious injury or fatality (SIF). 

Bowers Management Analytics is a market-leading organization that incorporates machine learning algorithms and AI with data analysis to develop effective corrective actions. BMA’s proprietary analytical methodology carefully analyzes safety reports, records and metrics with big data tools to develop a comprehensive, custom risk profile. 

The new pSIF AI Advisor addresses the existing gap in overall fatality reduction by bringing priority attention to specific high-risk activity types, often uncovering critical risks previously not identified. Research conducted by Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council notes that while total recordable incident rates have been on a significant decline since the early 1990s, fatality rates have been on the rise since 2009.  

In partnership with BMA, Benchmark ESG | Gensuite ® has integrated the pSIF AI Advisor into its industry leading ESG solution platform to enable real-time insights into potentially serious injuries and fatalities. Data is comprehensively analyzed in Analytics, powered by Tableau®, providing safety leaders with robust dashboards for easy visibility. 

With the launch of Benchmark ESG™ | Powered by Gensuite® in January 2021the software solution provider is uniquely aligned to help organizations across multiple industries achieve their ESG digital transformation objectives, and to accelerate deployment of cutting-edge technologies, such as Genny® virtual assistant, U Connect® remote collaboration, and pSIF AI Advisor. 

More than 3 years ago, the Benchmark (formerly Gensuite) team began deploying artificial intelligence to power its mobile app, Genny® virtual assistant; and in October of 2019, Benchmark ESG™ became the first provider of EHS software solutions to deploy machine learning to help customer support teams respond to user requests more quickly by immediately aligning the right team resources to each request. 

Benchmark ESG™ | Gensuite® has integrated the pSIF AI Advisor™ powered by BMA (patent pending) into incident management, employee concerns, and behavior-based safety observations solutions for easy visibility of trends across areas where pSIF’s could be identified. 


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