THE PLASTIC BOTTLE PROJECT: Reduce Waste & Protect the Planet with Gensuite

THE PLASTIC BOTTLE PROJECT: Reduce Waste & Protect the Planet with Gensuite

What’s your trademark? I’ve been branded as the girl with the beat-up, orange Nalgene water bottle. This water bottle has traveled from Cincinnati to Phoenix, El Paso to Qatar, and seen the inside of many places where one could easily purchase a disposable plastic water bottle.

When was the last time you drank from a disposable plastic water bottle? Plastic has become a staple of convenience and a modern lifestyle. The surge in plastic bottle use has accompanied a desire for bottled water. Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute. From that, only 9% of plastic is recycled.

Most plastic ends up in either the ocean or in a landfill resulting in devastating effects to our planet and ecosystem, such as marine life ingesting plastic. Whether you care about reducing plastic waste for ethical and moral reasons or workplace compliance, take the plastic bottle project pledge to reduce waste and protect the planet with Gensuite.

  1. Personal Pledge. Make a personal commitment to stop purchasing plastic water bottles. Instead, purchase a reusable bottle–your own personal beat-up bottle. There are times when I forget my reusable water bottle, and if you do the same, make it your mission to recycle! You can also keep a water filtration system at home to limit the use of disposable plastic water bottles.
  2. Workplace Pledge. Like a personal pledge to limit plastic water bottle use, you can promote the same efforts in the workplace. Prominently display recycling bins throughout the office so employees are inspired to recycle. You can also implement some of the same efforts in the workplace like at home, such maintaining a water filtration system. Take it a step further by creating fun workplace activates that motivate employees to recycle and reduce waste by starting a sustainability team that rotates monthly. The sustainability team can create and implement different projects that address company-wide environmental problems. These teams help establish sustainable practices at your workplace and can have a huge impact on reducing plastic bottle waste and create an overall improvement to your company while boosting employee engagement.
  3. Compliance Commitment. Like my beat-up, orange Nalgene, Gensuite offers sustainability management and environmental management software applications to help reduce waste. Gensuite environmental management software applications help keep your company’s commitment to compliance in check.
  • Waste Tracker. The Gensuite Waste Tracker Application is a flexible solution to manage and report waste from generation/accumulation to disposal with integrated barcode options enabling seamless mobile management of all waste activities on-site

Take the plastic bottle project pledge with me and with your workplace. Together we can raise a glass and a beat-up reusable water bottle toward a healthier planet and ecosystem that we all are proud to swim in and live in.



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