Gensuite is passionate about giving back to community, whether that be in Cincinnati, Ohio or Shanghai, China, and our team as a whole makes it a priority to be active in each global location’s community. Gensuite demonstrates community impact around the world through our Global Community Outreach program. Going above and beyond the practical, environmental, health & safety and sustainability impact of our applications, our Global Community Outreach is our way of giving back, participating and donating to various charities around the world every quarter.


$15,000 for Charities

In 2016, our global team raised nearly $15,000 for charities and organizations at each of our global locations.

Gensuite Supports 16 Different Non-Profit Organizations Around The World

Nonprofit Organizations

Gensuite currently supports 16 different nonprofit organizations around the world.

Donated $13,406.54 in 4Q alone.

Throughout the year, Gensuite team members earn points for completing projects and tasks, which can be cashed for different prizes. During 4Q, team members can elect to donate their points to the chosen charity for their global location, $1 for every 400 points earned. This program alone donated $13,406.54 to nine different charities around the world.

Organizations We Serve

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