Paving the Road to Zero Accidents Cincy’s Worker Safety Technology

Paving the Road to Zero Accidents Cincy’s Worker Safety Technology

As labor incidents increased during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, worldwide governments began taking measures to keep workers safe, facing the challenges of new, manufacturing technology. 200 years later, organizations worldwide are still revolutionizing the ways they keep workers safe, including deploying emerging technologies to manage worker safety and to comply with government regulations. From high-tech manufacturing robots and instant mobile access to critical health data to cloud-based IT systems for managing workplace programs and processes, this marriage of tech and safety is transforming the way companies ensure that employees return home safely.

As residents of one of the fastest growing tech cities in the U.S., here are Cincinnati’s up and coming worker safety technologies that are paving the road to Zero Accidents:

Yaskawa Motoman

For the past 100 years, Yaskawa Motoman has led the industrial robotics industry; offering automation products and services for assembly, handling, machine tending, packaging, palletizing, welding, painting and life sciences. Apart from performing jobs that would otherwise pose safety risks, Yaskawa Motoman’s robotic solutions increase efficiency, improve quality, boost productivity, and deliver outstanding Return on Investment.

In 2015, Yaskawa Motoman in Miamisburg, Ohio, received special recognition from Honda for providing exceptional support and educational tools to their employees.


Headquartered in the Queen City, Strap is revolutionizing the health field by offering a new way to manage & track health using mobile, wearables and data analytics. It allows users to connect with their customers’ health & safety devices and analyze their health performance using a single tool.

While Strap is aimed at improving health provider-to-client relationships, this technology could be applied to other industries by serving as a way employers oversee the health of their employees. This can include evaluating the health of workers throughout the work day to identifying health risks and driving corrective action.


In April 2017, Verdantix, a leading global analyst firm for independent research, published their Smart Innovators: Worker Safety Technology report, highlighting the top EH&S innovations transforming the workplace safety landscape worldwide. We were honored to be included on that list for combining powerful tech with our proven products & services to deliver never-before-seen compliance and management system capabilities.

The nine innovative solution categories that shape worker safety technology as outlined in this report are: Enterprise Safety Software, Mobile-centric Safety Software, Wearables – Personal State Monitors, Wearables – ‘Smart’ PPE Safety Beacons, Site Sentinels, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Drones.

In 2017, our team is currently partnering with a number of organizations to deliver value to both the corporate- and practical shop floor-level, including developments in Virtual Assistants, Augmented Reality, Beacons, and Wearable Technology. Check out our blog post, Emerging Technology that is Transforming EHS & Sustainability, for further details on our exciting worker safety technology projects.

The Gensuite vision and mission is to enable customers to achieve world-class standards in their business compliance and management programs, moving beyond compliance to achieve management systems excellence. We look forward to this year and next as we partner with our subscribers to realize this vision through the practical application of these innovations and the dedication of our global community of users.

As worker safety technology evolves, so does Cincinnati business. At Gensuite, we are proud to be a part of this up and coming community of movers and shakers in the worker safety industry, paving the road to Zero Accidents. Want to see our technology at work?

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