Pandemic Risk Management: EHS Best Practices and Beyond

Pandemic Risk Management: EHS Best Practices and Beyond

pandemic risk management

COVID-19 has created unprecedented changes in every industry. Many, if not all, organizations have their hands largely tied when it comes to the effects this pandemic has had on their ability to keep operations going. Pressure to maintain health, safety, and profit coincides with the need to maintain regulatory compliance and connection with the global environment, the implementation of a comprehensive pandemic risk management system becomes more pressing. 

The effects of this pandemic will force organizations to look for new and innovative was to safely conduct business. There are many ways an organization can proceed with developing a plan to ensure safety of their operations and security of their bottom line, while creating return-to-work programs in the present or the future. 

You might be wondering, what are the essential pandemic risk management actions to take and solutions that can be implemented to protect and sustain my organization? Let’s dive in and take a look at the options available to multiple industries around the world 


Pandemic Risk Management: External Best Practices 

To strengthen and preserve stakeholder relationships and partnerships within the industry, strategic investment of time and energy into your organization’s externally facing functions is a must. There are many different areas that concentrated pandemic risk management efforts can contribute to the planning and actions of an organization: 

  • Real-time regulatory updates are critical. State and country-specific regulations are shifting more rapidly now than ever before. Now is the time to invest in an information management system that makes keeping track of regulatory demands and staying up to date with the developing situation seamless to satisfy regulators. 
  • Stay agile and communicate to stakeholders frequentlyWith pressure to meet recently elevated standards for safety, health, and awareness extending around the globe, it’s essential to make a concerted effort to keep up with the environment and shift your positioning if necessary, via organizational statements and product offerings. Ongoing communications about actions your organization is taking are imperative. 
  • Pinpoint productive organizational action within reach. In a constantly evolving environment, businesses should work to fully understand their limitations and opportunitiesKeeping track of what actions are beneficial and what actions are not, prevents your organization from burning otherwise useful resources. 


Pandemic Risk Management: Internal Best Practices 

Ensuring that your internal processes stay in sync with each other, running smoothly and effectively, is just as prevalent a need as maintaining communication with external relationships. Internally, whether employees are connecting with their leaders via a work from home situation or entering a reduced-contact workplace, there is a universal need for new methods of connection. 

  • Maintain and strengthen lines of communication. With most if not all internal communication occurring within a virtual environment, it’s essential to set guidelines in place around increasing efficiency and productivity of these points of connection. 
  • Make working remote, work from you. Within this virtual environment, it is paramount for organizations to define and communicate exactly what pandemic risk management support they are able to offer employees – reworked team engagement opportunities, assistance with work-from-home ergonomics, and more. 
  • Increased focus on internal risk mitigation. Implementing a health & safety system with cutting-edge integration capabilities prevents staying in tune with currently escalated health and safety needs from becoming overwhelming. When it’s necessary to stay in touch with organizational safety needs and potential risk factors spanning from proactive regulatory compliance to PPE management, customizable software takes the weight off your shoulders. 


Powerful Solutions to Mitigate Facility Risks 

The resources for your pandemic risk management requirements are easier to reach than you may think – with a suite of centralized, easily integrated, and customizable data management resources, the capability to work proactively within a quickly evolving industry environment can be surprisingly accessible. 

Curated to help you meet your external-facing pandemic risk management objectives and goals: 

  • Compliance CalendarA single application to manage and track all your regulatory compliance needs from task assignment to closure – Gensuite Compliance Calendar supports your need for proactive regulatory compliance. 
  • Reg Tracker. Your one-source reference for updates to applicable regulations, Gensuite Reg Tracker allows you to report and track real-time regulatory changes associated with COVID-19. 
  • AnalyticsA combination of health and safety data mining, evaluation, and predictive analysis across all levels of an organization. Gensuite Analytics integrates with pandemic risk mitigation tools to support mitigation of exposure and facility risks, and helps easily communicate key topics to company stakeholders. 

And, customizable to streamline and simplify the process of supporting and protecting all levels of your workforce: 

  • Ergo FacilitatorEquipped with capabilities that offer comprehensive ergonomics management, boost employee safety, and establish efficiency across the workplace, Gensuite Ergo Facilitator application within Behavior Based Safety Software allows you to strengthen communication and optimize your WFH situation 
  • Med CareAn integrated and simplified occupational health tracking solution for both your key occupational health/clinic tracking needs and your employee health & safety programs, Gensuite Med Care supports your need for an increased focus on employee health and safety. 
  • PPE Manager. Facilitating pandemic and operations-critical PPE tracking and inventory management, Gensuite PPE Manager supports adequate inventory of equipment to ensure complete safety for all members of a business. 

With highly flexible, award-winning solutions for your short– and long-term needs, Gensuite is your one-stop shop to make pandemic risk management straight forward, painless, and present to push your organization to the next level of success. 

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