ODS Sentinel is a cloud-based, refrigerant management usage tracker application that helps companies reduce CFC emissions and comply with U.S. EPA regulations and Montreal Protocol Guidelines. Leveraging years of deployment experience, with built-in best practice workflows, ODS Sentinel empowers organizations to take control over their equipment inventory and leak management. The application ensures organizations can assign accountability and follow-up to employees for seeing repairs through.

In 2018, ODS Sentinel was fully redesigned and upgraded to address new U.S. EPA regulations, Clean Air Act (40 CFR 81, Subpart F), and now helps organizations comply with ozone depleting and non-ozone depleting substances.

Application Highlights

  • Updated leak management calculations to comply with EPA’s latest revisions to the Clean Air Act (40 CFR 82, Subpart F)
  • Run status reports based on the status of maintenance events logged and completed
  • Integrates with the Gensuite Inspection Tool application
  • Generate comprehensive, real-time reports and charts (i.e. chronic leaker, event/equipment-specific metrics)


  • Perform leak tests with updated calculations to comply with EPA’s latest revisions to 40 CFR 82, Subpart F
  • Track leak repairs to closure with integrated leak inspection processes for event chain follow-up
  • Manage maintenance technicians based on necessary compliance certifications
  • Monitor equipment maintenance events for refrigerants from start to finish with streamlined tracking of extensions and off-ramp requests
Configure and Deploy Health and Safety Software for Effective EHS Management and EHS Software

Configure and Deploy the System

  • Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution

  • Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks

  • Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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