Preparing Your Organization for 2020’s New OSHA Regulations

Preparing Your Organization for 2020’s New OSHA Regulations


Changing standards and regulations are critical for your business to know, no matter what industry you operate in. Staying up to date with new OSHA regulations, whether they are set in stone or on the horizon, is essential to avoid fines and improve organizational performance. 

On April 28, 1971, OSHA implemented its first regulations in the United States. The year before, in 1970, the saddening statistic for worker deaths in America was at almost 40 per day. Now, in 2017, that number decreased by more than 50% – at 14 and dropping. 

With 2020 marking the change of the decade, we are turning the page; to a new calendar, and another 12 months of hard work to make America a safer place to earn a living. Take a look at some of OSHA’s most recent efforts to create an environment of unerring worker health and safety, and get a glimpse ahead at the safety regulations set to be implemented in 2020. 

Recap of OSHA Performance in 2019 

This past year was a productive twelve months of consistent and thorough employer inspections. In addition, OSHA increased its focus on safety training, as well as pursued and developed new rule-making and programs. In 2019, OSHA: 

  • Conducted 33,401 inspections 
  • Surpassed their inspection count of the previous 3 years 
  • Provided over 1.3 million workers with safety regulation training 
  • Expanded their agency’s various education programs 
  • Provided more support to help small businesses address their concerns 
  • Clarified past requirements and improved on work from previous years 
  • Broke down boundaries between industries to increase worker health and safety across the board 

With a packed 2019 in the books, there’s only one place to look next: forward. Are you ready? 

Preparing For OSHA’s New 2020 Regulations and Standards

Moving forward into 2020, OSHA’s focus is geared towards the quality of new standards and regulations, and betterment of old. This year, OSHA plans to: 

  • Start processing data from previous questionnaires 
  • Improve and build upon old lockout/tagout regulations 
  • Focus in on workplace violence in the healthcare and social services industries 
  • Update the design and construction regulations on powered industrial trucks, as well as the Hazard Communication Standard, and the Mechanical Power Press rule 

On top of working on improvement and refinement of previous standards and guidance, OSHA also aims to engage in new rule-making efforts concerning: 

  • Communication tower safety 
  • Welding in construction confined spaces 
  • Occupational exposure to beryllium and beryllium compounds
  • Post-incident drug testing and safety incentive programs 
  • Personal protective equipment in the construction industry

Capitalize on Your Knowledge 

No matter where you make your living, something in your daily life depends on these new OSHA regulations to happen successfully. Ensure that your employees and organization are following the standard procedures to maintain worker health and safety today. Integrating Safety Management Systems and Occupational Health Management systems are vital for a unified, streamlined, and compliant EHS program. Explore the options available to you today and ensure that you are settling for nothing but the best.


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