New EPA Regulations: Keep Your Waste in Check

New EPA Regulations: Keep Your Waste in Check

New EPA Regulations

Changing Safety and Sustainability Management: New EPA Regulations

The new year means changing regulations, which indicates any updated policies may potentially affect you and your business’ operation. This year, it’s hazardous waste aerosol cans that you need to be on top of. 

Come February 7th, 2020, hazardous waste aerosol cans will enter the national universal waste program according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruling. The intention of this is to divert a large portion of used aerosol cans from landfilling and towards metal recycling instead. Make sure your organization is aware and well-informed about the new EPA regulations on this process to then make moves towards a better environment at the same time! 


What New Regulations Should You Be Keeping in Mind? 

New EPA regulations on puncturing and draining requirements will apply to both large and small quantity handlers of hazardous waste aerosol cans, with the goal of simplifying compliance for all. All handlers of the process will be operating under the same set of standards, regardless of different type of can. 

All handlers must adhere to the following requirements under the new rule: 

  • Conduct disposal processes with the intended devices 
  • Establish and follow a written procedure on the process 
  • Ensure that disposal is done in the appropriate environment 
  • Store hazardous, non-disposable contents safely and securely 
  • Create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the event of unexpected incidents 


How Your Organization Can Succeed with Ease Within New Regulations

Ensuring regulatory compliance is a highly individualized process and can change depending on a multitude of factors – location, organizational size, material specifications, and more. Ensure you’re making it easy on yourself. 

With the right integrated chemical management and environmental management software, it’s easier than ever to streamline key requirements around regulatory compliance, especially new EPA regulations, while maintaining internal communication. Don’t let new compliance needs restrict your range – stay a step ahead with the right info and resources! 

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