Navigating through Training Challenges with Global Software Implementation

Navigating through Training Challenges with Global Software Implementation

Training Compliance, Employee Engagement

Visiting a foreign country can be intimidating — navigating your way to different destinations, not knowing the local language, and unfamiliarity with culture and traditions. Implementing a new digital tool for compliance program management can be a lot like charting unfamiliar territory. As with travel, global Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) software implementation and training compliance is made easier and more comfortable with a “tour guide” to lead you in the right direction.

When a global conglomerate company needed EHS training at their Latin American sites, they trusted Gensuite to help. Our team is comprised of 250+ global team members across nine different offices, all equipped with the resources needed to train new EHS software system users on a global scale. This company leveraged our international reach to help them navigate through challenges that come with global implementation.

The company’s Latin American team partnered with Gensuite to design a customized training and launch program that would best suit their users. Gensuite led 4 Webinar Training calls in Spanish and completed 7 in-person trainings across their locations, including post-training follow-up to answer any questions. And, our team provided these services in record time! The Gensuite team visited 5 cities in 3 different countries in 10 days, training 125 users.

“No words could thank (the Gensuite team) for all of (their) commitment with this training project. I am a witness of the quality, dedication and attention that the Gensuite team has given to our employees during all sessions,” said the company’s EHS Analytics & IT Expert.

So what made this training compliance experience so successful?

1.) Providing In-Person, Hands-On Support

When it comes to learning how to use a new tool, it is much easier to have someone guiding you step-by-step to answer any questions. Our team sent EHS training leads to support the Latin American sites, in-person and in local language. To make the experience even more impactful, the company’s leadership was in attendance to convey the intended use of the tool and program importance.

2.) Understanding different cultural needs

Having an EHS training team that understands the culture that your employees live in eliminates any gaps in communication. Culture includes all characteristics of people and their region—going beyond just language to include values, social habits and more. Our global presence and cultural knowledge allows our teams to properly articulate how the Gensuite digital EHS software solution aligns with business objectives, in any region of the world. With an office in Mexico, the company knew that Gensuite would be able to provide understanding to their Latin American sites. Prior to deployment, their team sat down with representatives from Gensuite’s Mexico office to map out the priority applications that they wanted to deploy and establish a process for training.

3.) Employee Engagement

Our approach towards global training engages employees by: 1.) providing hands-on instruction with captivating, in-person experience and 2.) providing tools that are multilingual and Mobile enabled, making it accessible to employees anywhere and at any time. Offering in-person training for new system users sends the message that the program is important and that the users are valued.

Gensuite deploys a single, cross-functional and flexible solution suite that simplifies employee engagement between sites and provides visibility across them, creating better communications, a safer workplace and total management.

From in-person EHS software training to online webinars and follow-up, all provided in local language from their global team, Gensuite covers all bases. Looking to expand your EHS program internationally? Let Gensuite be your guide to a successful launch. If you want to learn more about how Gensuite can design a customized training/launch program for your company, send an inquiry here.



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