Multilingual Assistant and Expanding Resources

Multilingual Assistant and Expanding Resources

Multilingual resources are in much higher demand as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. With this increased inclusivity comes the need for more resources to facilitate cross-cultural communications. With the integration of Google Translate API into Gensuite’s platform, a simple solution is available to individuals needing access to multilingual resources and language settings tailored to fit their needs.

Our Multilingual World – The Need for Quick and Easy Translations 

It is critical to provide cross-cultural messaging in order to become a successful global company or reach a broad, worldwide customer base. There must be resources available for numerous audiences. Such resources could be found through human resources, online translators, and other resources provided by an organization  

Gensuite EHS software applications come fully-integrated with multilingual functionality and fit into multiple program areas for ease of use and maximum user engagement. In addition, Gensuite is continuously upgrading the language library to scale to the needs of our subscribers.  

Like Gensuite, many organizations have multilingual employeesIt is important to create an environment that encourages global interaction and multilingual interaction. It is important to do so both externally and internally to promote an environment that promotes a wide variety of languages. Providing resources for translation is conducive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for all employees no matter how many languages employees may speak. Human Resources can often help do this internally, while externally translators are available to provide multilingual assistance. Language courses and training represent a long-term investment in employees, leading to better retention and improved productivity. Translating relevant documents is also an extremely valuable resource for non-native English speakers – ensuring that every employee is prepared to address potential safety concerns at a moment’s notice. 

With this, multinational companies are also experiencing a series of challenges. For multilingual companies, communication strategies become infinitely more important in addressing language and culture barriers. When companies implement a “common language,” this implementation is often single-dimensional – facilitating social language, but often failing to address other key components. Viewing a multilingual language barrier as a single-dimensional issue neglects the very nature of language – and creates a multitude of problems for companies seeking a simple solution to a complex dilemma. 

While OSHA seeks to protect workers, who speak English as a second language. On their website, they provide a compliance assistance for Spanish-speakers and other resources for Hispanic workers and employers. 

Action Tracking System, Compliance Calendar, and Inspection Tool pages 

The increasing global and multilingual world has put the need for quick and easy translations on the fast track – which is why Gensuite has provided Gensuite Translator.  

Gensuite Translator leverages the Google Translate API for designated fields in Translator-enabled application pages. The API automatically determines the language of the text to be translated and translates it to the user’s selected language interface for the application page. A translator is set up, configured, and integrated for individual subscribers on an application-specific basis, and is currently available for Action Tracking System, Compliance Calendar, and Inspection Tool to provide on-screen translations of key user input fields that can contain content in any language. Users simply need to hover the mouse over one of these fields to see a pop-up window with a translation of the text in their selected display language for the page. Gensuite Translator saves time and eliminates confusion by providing quick translations right on the screen, in context.   



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