Mid-Year 2019 Gensuite Update

Mid-Year 2019 Gensuite Update

On May 8th, 2019, as I looked out into the audience of BREAKTHROUGH: Gensuite Conference 2019 – our biggest Gensuite Conference to-date – I was struck not only by the rapid growth of our community but also by how far we have traveled together.  Behind every successful vision is a great team – and for Gensuite, this community brings together 380+ Gensuite team members, 230+ subscribing companies, 30+ partners – since January 2019, over 1,000,000 users; and since June 2019, over 100,000 Mobile users – and I am pleased to share this mid-year update.

If you’ve been part of the Gensuite Community in recent years, you’re likely familiar with our Application Recharge – a system-wide upgrade and complete revitalization of every application module delivered to every subscriber – as part of their subscription. This year we announced “Recharge – Next,” our initiative to further integrate the “recharge” mentality into the core of Gensuite. We invited our 2019 Conference attendees to join Gensuite experts in breakout sessions to shape the next generation of Gensuite. Pete Bussey, Research Analyst with LNS Research, joined us on stage, later writing, “These core improvements also represent a solid foundation upon which Gensuite subscribers can leverage the transformative technologies of Industrial Transformation (IX) and Industry 4.0 over time to further digitalize EHS management.” (More in his article, EHS Vendor Gensuite Conquering Digital Frontiers and Exploring Data Oceans).

Throughout the first half of 2019, I have found myself mentally revisiting our One Million Users milestone often.  It’s truly a testament to our belief in the transformative potential of technology in EHS. In 1997, when the Web was just getting launched, I recall thinking, “I think we can use this to do something incredible in EHS.”  Whether it was the first iterations of Mobile for Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs (anyone remember those things?!), fully embedded Tableau® Analytics, or Genny®, the Gensuite Virtual Assistant, it is this commitment to exploring technologies with radical potential that brings us to the solutions we use and continue to develop today.

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With the launch of our embedded Analytics solution in 2018, every Gensuite subscriber now has access to powerful data insights and visualization capabilities, standard! We saw great enthusiasm and interest from this year’s conference attendees when Natasha Porter, Gensuite EVP & Customer Development Officer, shared initial findings from our ground-breaking cross-subscriber data analytics initiative first imagined at our 2017 conference, and invited attendees to partner with us as we continue to unlock the potential of H&OP, natural language processing and sustainability reporting.

This year, we also announced Gensuite’s goal to become AI-Powered by 2020 – a statement akin to talking about Web-based applications two decades ago. By early 2020, our goal is to be actively leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve the Gensuite user experience. As we begin to harness and integrate these technologies into elements of Gensuite’s User Support, we are hoping to quickly make AI and Machine Learning not only available – but applicable, accessible and useful – to our Gensuite Subscriber group.

As part of that journey, on July 1st, we released the NEW Genny® – our embedded virtual assistant, capable of interacting with you by text and voice. As we continue to make strides in Genny’s capabilities, we are also seeking to further embed AI into the Gensuite platform through a unified portal that serves our diverse user group.

The recent Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019 report published by Verdantix, highlighted these recent technology innovations and Mobile deployments, naming Gensuite a leader amongst EHS software companies, and stating that Gensuite offers a competitive solution for “buyers wanting to leverage edge technologies and mobile apps” and “EHS executives searching for a comprehensive incident, audit, risk and sustainability solution.”

We are hard at work making this year’s biggest conference ideas a reality, and we look forward to sharing them with you at our Gensuite Conference in Orlando, FL in 2020!

P.S. If you missed our annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, take a look at our Regional Gensuite User Conference schedule – we’d love to see you there, I”ll be in London myself next week for our UK/Europe conference (July 17); with Natasha Porter having just hosted the China Gensuite conference this week; Naveen GV, the India conference last week; and Amanda Petzinger at the Mexico conference a few weeks back! Check out this kickoff video that we put together for this year’s conferences…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpgej5ec5qE


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