Meet Our Team: Q&A with Gensuite IT Operations

Meet Our Team: Q&A with Gensuite IT Operations

Are you searching for an IT role? Consider Gensuite. Job searching can be a daunting task but finding the perfect culture fit is important to ensure your role is rewarding.

With almost 400 global employees, Gensuite is a collective of innovators, intellectuals, environmentalists, tech-enthusiasts and creative problem solvers. Gensuite team members come from all walks of life and from all over the world.

Last year, we featured various teams on our blog and now it’s time to spotlight IT Operations. I recently had the chance to chat with Gensuite Lead IT Security/Systems Analyst, Tara Kennedy, and Lead IT Security/Systems Analyst, David Fritz to discover IT’s role at Gensuite.


What is IT Operations’ role within Gensuite?

Tara: IT Ops help support our internal tools and processes as well as provide operation and project management support to our internal teams. I’m a Lead Project Manager (IT and Internal Systems) within this group. The role is a dynamic one. It provides me the opportunity to engage in a wide spectrum of projects and internal initiatives. Our team provides high-level project management support including strategic meeting facilitation, utilization of PE Tools, progress tracking and monitoring, project risk assessment and essentially ensures the projects move forward successfully, in an effective and efficient manner.

David: IT Ops acts as the backbone support of items such as internal tools, servers, application architecture, and internal infrastructure. The role is a versatile one as it affects much of the day-to-day operations in the company.


What is it like to work on IT Ops?

Tara: The words I would use to describe it are dynamic, fast-paced, and committed. There are endless opportunities to enhance, improve and support our internal processes, people and tools.

David: Working in IT Ops can be fun and challenging, depending on where you land you may end up in a variety of roles, doing different tasks. Personally, I find it a lot of fun, as my role is to research and implement new compliance initiatives, so I am involved in a lot of discussions surrounding data governance.


How did you join the Gensuite Team?

Tara: I’ve been with the company a year this month.  I was researching opportunities online, looking to find a position with a cutting-edge software company where I could leverage my skills and experience and contribute from day one. I was fortunate to find that here. Gensuite is committed to its products, services, customers and employees and it is quite apparent and aligned with the values I look for in an employer.

David: In March, I will have been at Gensuite for three years. I was at a career fair at NKU, trying to find a post-college job. While walking around I ran into the Gensuite team, specifically Jason. After going through my resume and chatting with him for a bit he offered me an interview. It seems there was a niche to fill with both my English and IT experience, and this is where I landed.


What exciting projects are you working on?

Tara: There are a number of projects and initiatives that keep life at Gensuite exciting.  I’ve been engaged on a number of projects in 2018 that will continue to keep me busy through the end of year and into the next. One of my favorite initiatives is supporting the documentation efforts related to the application recharge. Seeing the applications and the support documentation evolve over the past year and the teamwork that goes into this transformation has been incredible.

I’m inspired by the continuous strides my team is making to enhance the success of our internal and external projects. There are a number of projects in the pipeline geared towards continuous efforts to streamline processes, procedures and best practices and I look forward to being part of the journey and seeing them come to fruition.

David: The past year had a lot of projects on my plate, most of which was exciting. I had to prepare Gensuite for GDPR compliance, which officially released on May 25th 2018. Accompanying that, I had to present GDPR key compliance initiatives at ComSpark. Over the summer I focused on handling all customer security assessments and helping to write an Application Security Template for a subscriber. To top it off, I created NIST documentation for Gensuite, which organizes all IT Security controls into an industry-standard framework.


Why should people join Gensuite’s IT Ops team?

Tara: If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow beyond what you expected, contribute to the bottom line and have fun while doing it, this is the place for you. Gensuite provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with team members across the organization and the globe. This exposure will afford you the opportunity to expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge across the organization, it’s products and services.

David: IT Ops is a great place to start if you are technically savvy and are eager to learn. There are many different roles one can fall into, including finding a niche that may need to be filled. This allows for a lot of personal growth (and career growth) which makes IT a good place to improve yourself.

I’ve learned that our IT Operations team plays a pivotal part in making sure Gensuite systems and processes run smoothly 24/7. Speaking with Tara and David clarifies that our open positions would suit candidates that want to find a rewarding career.

Are you interested in applying for a position at Gensuite? Visit to see our global open positions!


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