Meet Doug Callison: Reaching the Summit

Meet Doug Callison: Reaching the Summit

Doug Callison stands at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro holding a Gensuite flag.

Doug Callison stands at sunrise on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Doug Callison, loyal Gensuite subscriber, witnessing sunrise on Mount Kilimanjaro.

It’s incredible to see what the Gensuite users in our subscriber community can do. Doug Callison, an EHS Manager with Woodward, Inc., is an amazing example.

Doug has been with Woodward, Inc in Niles, IL for 34 years. He began as a Production Manager, but his passion for Environmental Health and Safety took him to his current role. However, that’s not all he does. Doug is also an avid adventurer, and his last grand journey took him to Tanzania in Africa, to summit Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest mountain in the country. And with him, he brought no one other than Gensuite itself! 

Doug Callison stands at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro holding a Gensuite flag.

Doug Callison at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Gensuite flag in hand.

Summitting Mount Kilimanjaro is no small feat. The journey from Niles, IL to Tanzania is significant; the distance between the two locations is bridged by a 20+ hour flight. On top of that, the climb itself is 16,100 ft from the base of the mountain. So why did Doug decide to take Gensuite with him on such a deeply involved journey? 

For Doug, in his work in EHS at Woodward, Gensuite has proved invaluable, is currently implemented on a company-wide scale and is praised for being a “one-stop shop.” Everything you need is right there within Gensuite, and can be easily integrated with a company’s functionality. On top of that, this can all be done in digital space, made universally accessible, and easily kept up to date. 

Gensuite also maintains a commitment to being user-friendly – and Doug notices. He claims that we’re “as easy and intuitive to use as a pad of paper. We maintain a simple interface, while still supporting multifaceted and complex functional ability. Gensuite’s user training courses are uncomplicated and our new user learning curve is easily accomplished. Despite its ease of use, Doug vouches for Gensuite’s capability to make system-wide changes per the user’s request; which is what makes it, ultimately, so valuable to managers and employees who already have enough on their plate. 

Outside of life at work, Doug is always searching for the next summit he can make. The challenge and change of environment are what appeals to him, because at the core of it, it’s not the mountain you’re climbing, but rather the boundary you are overcoming within yourself. Self-challenge and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone is a vital quest for real growth. Doug wants everyone to ask themselves, “how far can you really go?” Then, he wants you to answer that question. 

Doug Callison takes a selfie at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A selfie 19,341 ft above sea level!

On Doug’s most recent journey, summitting was the goal, but every trip has an unexpected moment that sticks in the minds of everyone – and this time, it was the surprising way that teamwork and community emerged as they began their descent. Throughout the trip, the group of hikers that Doug was traveling with held the vision of all of them reaching the top of the mountain together – but as they rose at midnight on the final day of the upwards climb, planning to hike until 7:30am and catch the sunrise atop Mount Kilimanjaro, one of their strongest hikers had to drop out. 

Struck by altitude sickness and fatigue, she waved the rest of the group – Doug included – a bittersweet farewell and wished them luck in summitting. But as the majority of the group completed the halfway mark of their journey and began to trek back down the mountain, they passed their former comrade on the way. She was on her way to the top. In the end, they all made it togetherjust not at the exact same time. And so, Doug’s trip closed out – with their initial mission accomplished, and a sense of finality and satisfaction as they made their way back down. 

Doug doesn’t let the intensity of a single trip stop him – he’s already planning his next one, torn between heading down under to visit the Great Barrier Reef, or to South America for more mountains and incredible views – but wherever life takes him, Gensuite will be right alongside him, cheering him on the whole way. Congratulations, Doug, on your successful summit, and happy trails on all your adventures to come!

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    Hey Dougie you rock man

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