Managing Product Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing Through Change

Managing Product Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing Through Change

Change is in the air…and everywhere in between. When it comes to product stewardship and responsible sourcing, you’re dealing with all of the elements that go into product design outside of traditional day-to-day workplace operations. Instead, it’s about how a product impacts environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and sustainability during the procurement process. Product stewardship and responsible souring are a dynamic space. During Gensuite’s second year in attendance at the Product Stewardship Conference in Washington, D.C., we discussed how to manage some of the biggest changes to product stewardship and responsible sourcing, such as an increase in customer demands. Here’s a deeper look into the top takeaways from the Product Stewardship Conference 2018 as well as some of these changes.


  • Simplify Workflow. Product stewardship continues to be a process that only 1 or 2 people manage within an organization, although it takes people from all functional groups to be involved in the process, otherwise it makes it more difficult. In order to minimize the burden without using all of your organizational manpower, there are tools that make it easier. Gensuite offers a Mobile tool for product stewardship and responsible sourcing management to help organizations monitor, track and streamline supplier engagement.


  • Increase in Customer Demands. Customers are demanding new and more complex product information. These demands are beginning to outpace regulatory demands–even if a company doesn’t have regulatory demands, customers do. This speaks for a need of flexibility and programs within organizations to adapt very quickly. Solutions heavily focused on a few regulations (i.e. REACH, RoHS, conflict minerals) don’t provide enough flexibility to manage outside of those regulations. Gensuite’s product stewardship and responsible sourcing solution ensures compliance with product regulations while meeting customer requests, and you can customize the tool to meet your specific organizational needs.


  • Regulatory Change. Even though customer demands may oftentimes outpace regulatory demands, compliance still remains an important part of the product stewardship and responsible sourcing circle. Organizations must learn to put regulatory insight into action. Use the following process to properly implement:
    • Stay aware of new/updated regulations and standards
    • Assess applicability and business impact
    • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders
    • Take action–responsibility, accountability and visibility
    • Adapt and process improvement across organization


These steps will help your organization stay in touch with the regulatory change process as well as go from insight to action. The Gensuite Product Stewardship and Responsible Sourcing tool monitors and tracks new/updated global regulations by country and jurisdiction and facilitates action so you know that you will always be within compliance standards.


There are many moving parts involved with product stewardship and responsible sourcing management. It’s not just about compliance anymore, but how well your organization responds to customer change, how smart your products are designed, and you need to ensure you have an able-bodied team to help you manage it all. Change is constant and Gensuite is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.


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