Managing Covid-19 Critical PPE for Return to the Workplace

Managing Covid-19 Critical PPE for Return to the Workplace

Covid-19 Critical PPE

With the progressive spread of Covid-19, the world has seen an increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – including N95 respirators and surgical masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant supplies, and thermometers. Federal and local jurisdictions are easing Covid-19 related restrictions, which is propelling organizations to develop and implement return-to-work policies to ensure that conditions are safe for their employees to operate. With this comes the need to address a new set of workplace challenges, including maintaining social distancing, ensuring proper site sanitation, and providing employees, visitors, and contractors with any required Covid-19 critical PPE.

In response to these new challenges and to streamline the transition back to the workplace, Gensuite developed PPE Manager – a new application that facilitates not only proper Covid-19 critical PPE tracking but also inventory management. By keeping an ongoing, digitized list of your organization’s available PPE, you can determine restock needs and manage PPE requests, in addition to ensuring that employees are properly adhering to your return-to-work policy.

Furthermore, this tool also provides additional functionality regarding Safety Risk Assessments (SRA). Gensuite’s SRA software enables users to establish a standardized process for authoring and reviewing safety risk assessments for all relevant work activities and build detailed task descriptions.  Now, specific job tasks within the SRA application will identify any appropriate Covid-19 PPE requirements to reduce illness exposure.

PPE Manager can also become an integrated part of your organization’s ongoing inspection and safety observations processes. As users perform ad-hoc or formal inspections on-site, they can also be monitoring whether employees are wearing the needed Covid-19 PPE for the tasks they are completing.

To learn more about our other Covid-19 resources, or for more information about Gensuite’s PPE Manager contact us today!

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