Top 5 Challenges to Overcome with Mobile EHS Software Implementation

Top 5 Challenges to Overcome with Mobile EHS Software Implementation

Mobile EHS Software

Imagine a forklift operator named Tom. One day, Tom comes to work inside the company warehouse. Before driving the forklift, he takes out his phone and opens the pre-op checklist to check and record the forklift condition. As he drives the forklift in the warehouse, he notices there is water on the floor close to the exit. Tom pulls over to park safely. Once parked, he takes a photo of the water area and reports the issue with the photo as a concern via the Gensuite Mobile app. During his lunch break, Tom re-opens the Mobile EHS Software app to review a forklift-related Job Safety Analysis (JSA), as well as his own training record.

This is just a simple example of how Gensuite Mobile can bring convenient access to different types of users through an EHS management system. Now let’s look at a bigger picture of Gensuite Mobile app implementation within facilities and organizations worldwide.


Case Studies: Gensuite Mobile in Action

No matter what industry or type of facility you work in, Mobile EHS software can assist with inspections, concern reporting, observations, and more. For many of our users today, Mobile is the sole platform for executing their EHS and compliance activities. Here are specific use-case studies of how subscribers use Gensuite.


Multinational Conglomerate Company in the Entertainment & Communications Industry: Managing thousands of equipment across a large site requires an efficient and effective strategy. Without one, companies face the consequences of non-compliance. How does a Gensuite subscriber in the entertainment and communications industry thoroughly complete equipment inspections at large sites? They leveraged Gensuite Mobile to entirely digitize, streamline and improve their inspections process, from equipment tracking to conducting inspections, and assigning findings to corrective actions.

  • Top Utilized Applications: Equipment Tracker and Inspection Tool integrated with Action Tracking System
  • Recorded Incidents: Average of 2,900 inspections recorded monthly

This company successfully implemented a Mobile management system to track over 2,000 pieces of equipment online or offline. By incorporating training to all employees and establishing site leads for the Mobile apps, they ensured the system was easily integrated.


International Company Specializing in Communications Satellite Technology: As we move into an increasingly digital world, companies from diverse industries are quickly discovering the value in switching to software applications for daily Environmental, Health & Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) activities. When this global technology leader wanted to transition away from excel and paper-based inspections processes, they turned to the Gensuite Inspection Tool to digitize their program.

  • Top Utilized Applications: Inspection Tool to conduct, assign, and track EHS&S inspections with QR coding
  • Global Usage: 15 global locations with access to a single platform

This company easily adopted Gensuite Mobile on a global scale in just one month. They establish training for the Mobile inspection process and chose a system that enabled trend identification to properly address findings by taking advantage of QR code functionality.


How to Overcome Challenges of EHS Mobile Implementation

The benefits of deploying Mobile for management systems such as EHS have been discussed and promoted throughout the years, and we’ve seen success stories across various facilities. But why are many companies still hesitant or even shy away from Mobile implementation?


1. Training and adoption:

Enterprise EHS process-driven software or mobile app can be complex and usually requires a lot of effort to train employees, supervisors or even just EHS team. End users’ buy-in and adoption are always unknown.

Gensuite Mobile App solution and recommendation:

  • Pilot first within select facilities and user groups for focused features (i.e. focused on concern reporting)
  • Provide more visual training – videos, webinars
  • Host interesting and rewarding campaigns to encourage workforce engagement


2. Connectivity:

No matter if you work in the field or in the office, connectivity is important. However, in many facilities or fields, connectivity is not always guaranteed, which is a big concern for mobile app implementation.

Gensuite Mobile App solution and recommendation:

  • Offline capability of mobile – Gensuite Mobile provides offline access so users can easily report concerns and upload forms anytime
  • Set-up a workstation using an iPad or provide hotspot connectivity


3. Distraction:

 Since mobile device typically will have other apps and resources aside from the EHS app, it could potentially cause a big distraction to employee during work time, which increases the risk of mistake or even accident.

Gensuite Mobile App solution and recommendation

  • Control and management by IT in company authorized devices
  • Control in web link access by IT over the company network
  • Detailed guidance and policies in employee book about when and where in the facility can an employee use the mobile device


4. Special Environment:

In special environments, like those that require strict sanitary rules or require devices to be intrinsically safe, companies must evaluate feasibility and potential risks of deploying Mobile.

Gensuite Mobile App solution and recommendation

  • If feasible, use specially designed and engineered devices only
  • If feasible, limit usage scope so only a certain group of employees use Mobile


5. Cost:

Many companies are concerned with the cost of Mobile, such as hardware and software.

Gensuite Mobile App solution and recommendation

  • Software: Gensuite Mobile is a comprehensive, proven tool included in Gensuite software, at no additional cost. Extended customization isn’t required.
  • Hardware: leverage employees’ personal devices and/or loan devices from hardware providers to seek a more cost-effective model


No matter what industry or facility your company occupies, Gensuite Mobile can help manage your specific EHS&S, quality, and compliance needs. Easily tackle the challenges that may be holding you back from deploying Mobile and get started today! To learn more about Gensuite Mobile, visit our website or contact us to schedule a demo.


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