Make it Work: Office Ergonomics from Home

Make it Work: Office Ergonomics from Home

work from home ergonomics

In the current environment, work from home is the new normal, and ensuring your office space at home is optimized for productivity, comfort, and mental wellbeing is more important than ever. Work from home ergonomics are essential when this is where we spend so much of our time – and an effectively personalized space customized for your convenience will have a drastic positive effect on your productivity and happiness. 

Work from Home Ergonomics: Physical Space 

The physical aspect of work from home ergonomics is typically the most easily solved. Creating an efficient personal workspace may seem challenging, but is ultimately critical to your success. 

Equipment Needs 

Ensure that your work from home space has all the equipment your typical office space does, if not more due to the changed environment. A comfortably arranged desk, chair, sufficient lighting, and tech accessories can drastically improve your work from home experience. If you typically utilize a mouse or multiple monitors at work, make a point to bring these accessories home with you, or invest in new ones – mimicking your typical productivity environment will benefit you in the long run. 

Additionally, a designated office location, separated from any housemates or family members, where you can guarantee yourself the peace, quiet, and space necessary to get the job done is extremely beneficial. If your living space is already fully occupied, investigate repurposing one of the current rooms – even a simple work-designated corner of your bedroom can create the right atmosphere. 

Personal and Physical Needs 

The acronym N.E.W. can help remind you to keep essential work from home ergonomic concepts in mind. Holding this acronym and its meaning in mind will help you maintain productivity and even reduce the risk of a potential injury during your time away from your typical office. 

  • Neutral Posture – Maintain proper upright posture while sitting or standing at your computer, with sufficient support for your wrists, back, and feet. 
  • Eye and Elbow Height – Ensure that the keyboard and mouse are at elbow level for joint comfort. 
  • Work Area – Keep often-used work items in immediate reach, and store less frequently used items in a less immediate but still accessible position, to reduce the feeling of clutter. 

Work from Home Ergonomics: Mental Space 

In the office, it can be hard to maintain focus on your work with the constant presence of your coworkers and teammates. At home, however, the reality of posing as a distraction to yourself becomes more real than ever. There are many different strategies you can take to optimize your work from home ergonomics in a mental or emotional capacity. 

  1. Get started early 
  2. Structure your day like you’re in the office 
  3. Block distracting sites or social media platforms 
  4. Work during your individual productivity peak 
  5. Save calls for when you have the energy 
  6. Plan your workday schedule ahead of time 
  7. Match your music to the task at hand 

These are only a few different ways you can help create a mental space that results in the most productive, healthy, happy version of yourself – helping you manage stress levels, maintain focus, and stick to a self-imposed routine. However, what works for someone else may not work for you. Capitalize on the options at hand, commit to working through the trial-and-error period of finding what worksand stick to the patterns that make you feel best. 

As industries adjust to the new normal created by the coronavirus pandemic, and return to work approaches, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your organization is prepared to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to risk management, employee health and safety, and safely achieving your goals. Click the link below to download Gensuite’s Strategic Health & Safety eBook and learn more about how you can start aligning ergonomics with your overall business goals today. 


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