Experience the flexibility & ease of use of the Gensuite Lockout Tagout application – with a Procedure Repository, Equipment Inventory, and Periodic Review/Approval Workflows!

About Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout standardizes the procedure creation & review process, establishes an equipment inventory, and allows employees to search a repository of approved procedures.


Gensuite Lockout Tagout software (LOTO) provides an essential platform for managing equipment-specific LOTO procedures, including equipment details, diagrams, detailed energy source, shutdown, and return to service guidance. The application provides employees quick access to equipment inventory and LOTO procedures for all site equipment and processes.


Mobile-friendly with QR Code & Barcode capabilities

Real-time visibility to in-progress LOTOs with the LOTO Log

Ability to indicate whether a procedure has passed or failed a periodic inspection/review


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Deploy the training management software applications in 4-6 weeks

Deploy the system as quickly as 4-6 weeks


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